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Coolest 21st Birthday Cake 13

by Pauline M.

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake
Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

My good friend and neighbor's son recently turned 21. He does like to spend a lot of time out clubbing and drinking! My friend often finds she has at least two or three of his mates crashed out in in his bedroom in the bed or on the floor! I asked him one day where his future wife would sleep, hence the idea for this cake with his mates all cosy / and the poor wife making do with the dog basket! The 21st Birthday Cake was a great hit with all the family and his mates; my friend thought it was hilarious and did not want to cut it!

The cake itself was a chocolate and apple recipe I have used for years. I chose this because it keeps moist a lot longer than a normal chocolate cake because of the apple" which meant that I could make it in advance and spend as much time needed to decorate it! It did take a few days, but I did make heads etc. a few days before so they set hard (all with fondant). The bodies were made of melted marshmallow /rice krispies as they were not going to be seen.

I have only made this type of cake four times now and having a great time learning as I go! Friends are requesting various cakes now so as long as they don't require "perfection" I"m going to have fun!

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Coolest 21st Birthday Cake 3

by Melinda Smith
(Cleveland, TN)

21st Birthday Cake

21st Birthday Cake

I made this 21st Birthday Cake for my sister. I used a store bought chocolate cake mix. I made 2 6 in circle pans and 2 9 in square pans.

After baking the cakes and letting it cool, I stacked the 2 circle cakes with a chocolate fudge icing in the middle. I did the same to the 2 square cakes.

I then put fondant icing on top of the square cakes. Once I smoothed it out I put some more of the fudge icing on the middle of the square cakes, then placed the Circle cakes on top. Then I covered the circle cakes with the fondant icing.
I then airbrushed the cakes brown.

I put a pink border around the bottom of both layers. Then I placed round green and blue Christmas ornaments around both layers of the cake. I put extra icing on top of the corners of the square layer (around the circle layer) to hold the small bottles of liquor. After that I placed the green and blue branch ornaments on top of the cake and the letters that spelled out her name.

All the green and blue ornaments I found in a craft store in the Christmas decorations. The letters where in the scrapbooking aisle. I just glued them to some toothpicks so they would stand on the cake.

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21 Birthday Cake
by: Sherry Young

Your cake was a great inspiration to me. I love it! My daughter turned 21 yesterday & I used a lot of your ideas in making her cake. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing!!

by: Anonymous

I totally love this cake i wish you could make me one

Looks Great!
by: Florida

WoW!! your cake is really good!! My son is turning 21 next month and I think I am going to try and make one after seeing yours! I was just wondering is your fondant homemade or did you by it already made?

Your cake (in my mouth)
by: Charles

would be so good

Great Cake
by: Amazed

Wow!!! If i could only bake something like that!! Great skills you have!

your cake
by: Anonymous

wow what a cool cake. I'm having a 21st birthday in October. Just looking for some ideas for a cake
and would you be able to make that cake again but the bottles are vodka.

by: Anonymous

this cake looks great!! I wish i could get 1 like it :)

by: Celma

Im turnin 21 in a month's time and mom and baking are not the best of friends. I would like to have a cake maker bake this cake for me however and would appreciate it so much if you could please give me your recipe and ingredients.

nice cake :)
by: Anonymous

hi its my daughters 21 st soon and i am going to try a cake out if its half as good as yours i will be happy i will show it you if its not a mess

Love it!!
by: Kim Armstrong

This cake is amazing, thank you so much for the idea. I am making a 21st birthday cake for my brother inlaw and will use the model of this cake. Fantastic, I can't wait to try it out!

by: Anonymous

It looks great,but it dsnt have a 21st style...Ill b doing my 21st on October but not looking 4ward 4 something like dat

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Coolest 21st Birthday Cake 11

by J. Bernard

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

This 21st birthday cake is very special to me. My godchild turned 21 last October and I wanted to incorporate all the things a person can do when they turn 21! The last cake I made her I was not happy with, so with this one I wanted to redeem myself and I think I did just that.

The cake on top is an 8 inch round covered in white fondant with a green polka dot ribbon around the base. The cake itself was red velvet with cream cheese icing. I wanted this cake to be special so I got the idea to separate the two cakes with a plastic margarita glass with lime green jello in it. The bottom round is the same as the top but I cut a hole hole in it to set the glass down so it could rest on the cake board.

Margarita cupcakes were make with real margarita mix and lime zest. My husband thought of the casino chips to put on top of the icing. Nice touch! The top tier has a mini drink shaker with a wooden W that I painted lime green. I also added a 21 I painted onto a round piece of craft wood.

All in all the cake was a hit and I was very happy with it.

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