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50th Birthday Cookie Cake...

by April
(Cheyenne, Wy)

The Sugar Cookie Cake

The Sugar Cookie Cake

I made a cake using the "lofthouse"brand of sugar cookies for my mom's 50th birthday. She loves those cookies more than any other sweet on earth. My husband was away for basic training for the Air Force and with three kids under the age of 7, I really couldn't put a full afternoon of work into her cake. Soooo, knowing her love of these cookies my kids I went into the local grocery store and purchased enough packages of cookies so that we at least had 50. We bought the key lime, orange, strawberry,rasberry and I believe lemon. When we got home we layered them on a platter that had the same color as the frostings on the cookies. Tried to arrange the cookies so that they were rotating in color. It took just about an hour(probably would've been faster had there not been so many little hands trying to eat them). Put the candles on the cookies that were not covered up and it turned out great. Not one cookie was left over and my mom was very pleased. It was nothing spectactular but was the thought that counted!!!

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Coolest 50th Birthday Cake 5

by Jessica A.
(Arapahoe, NC)

Homemade 50th Birthday Cake

Homemade 50th Birthday Cake

I was worried when I got this request for a 50th Birthday Cake, a 5 is an odd shaped number. It was actually easier then I thought to cover in fondant (homemade MM fondant). The bow is molding vanilla (same as molding chocolate). It was fun to make and got to try some new things. The 5 and 1 are cut with a knife, no special pans. It's 2 layers of regular sheet cakes. It was tougher then I thought to make the 0. I realized if I cut the middle, there was not enough fondant to lay on the inner sections, so I covered in the brown fondant and put white border around it.

I think it came out okay. This is my 5th cake I've made since I started playing with fondant. I'm very pleased with the outcome, even after wanting to scream at the beginning. Back story, the part of the cake for the 0 fell apart, it is still. I pieced it back together since it split in half. The fondant held it in place nice.

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Coolest Perfect 50 Birthday Cake

by Dawnetta P.
(Los Alamos, NM, USA)

Homemade Perfect 50 Birthday Cake

Homemade Perfect 50 Birthday Cake

I baked this Perfect 50 Birthday Cake for a friend's 50th birthday.

The cake is vanilla and chocolate on each end and then swirled in the middle. I baked the cake in a 1/3 Sheet cake pan and cut about a third from the end to stack it and make the "judge's stand".

I used the Wilton mini wonder mold pan to make the bodies and decorated them to look like her five best friends (I'm on the end in green!).
The heads and hands are made from rolled fondant tinted with copper gel food coloring, and the arms are sucker sticks coated with buttercream frosting (Use #10 or #12 round tip over the sticks and use light pressure to coat them with frosting as you pull them out of the bag).

The cake is frosted in butter cream frosting.

Comments for Coolest Perfect 50 Birthday Cake

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Little People
by: Anonymous

What are the people made of?

All cake
by: Dawnetta

The bodies are made of cake, the rest is fondant and frosting.

by: Anonymous

I know your friend must have loved this!! It's adorable.

good job
by: lisa gant

I think this is just great i can feel the love that went into it !!! good job..

Very nice
by: Anonymous

I like it a lot!:) Have to make a cake for friend's 50th birthday..It's one of the options:)

star struck
by: ferlyn

i was amazed when i saw the picture of the cake!
i really really love it! good job...hope to see more of your cakes...

way cute!
by: anonymous

Now that is cute! very creative!

wow what a great idea
by: Anonymous

thats a great cake -- fantastic . I have a lot of 49 yr old friends Thanks for a great idea

by: GAIL


Makes turning 50 exciting!
by: Anonymous from Australia

Very clever indead

Great Idea
by: Kathy

So, I have to make this cake.. how long did it take to do the bodies? I love this~! ty~ :)

Great Cake
by: Patty

I love your cake....Wish I was that creative! Hoping to have someone help me try this .

fun and easy cake to make
by: Anonymous

I did this for my sister's 40th 9 years ago.....
so easy and fun to do !!!!

50th cake
by: Anonymous

looks great.

by: Small

This is absolutely amazing! I love it! I have no time to bake so i intend to get someone to bake it for me but anyone know where I might be able to purchase those figurines? My husband will be turning 50 in a couple of weeks and I am having a big party for him! Thanks!

Bravo to you by a Nutritionist!
by: Anonymous

Bravo to you!
I am a registered Dietitian who develops wellness programs focused on encouraging women, men and children to love themselves in the bodies they are in....Bravo to you! I am planning to borrow your idea for our theme events!

beautiful cake how do you make the faces
by: moribelle

I would like to know how to make the faces in foundant

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50th Birthday cake

by Hayley
(Birmingham, England)

The numbers were made from 2 12" square cakes. They were placed on a 14" thin board then covered in sugarpaste. I then did the lace effect by piping random wiggly lines all over both cakes with a thin nozzle (no 1 I think), then I piped round the bootom of the cakes with a start nozzle. The flowers were made from flower paste, plenty of ribbon and gypsophelia bought from a local craft shop, I made them into 2 bouquets by securing them with tape then placed them on the top of the numbers. The cake was finished with a small bottle of champagne and a few extra roses secured with royal icing.

Comments for 50th Birthday cake

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by: Suki

Loved the colour combination. Simple but well presented. Loved it. How did you make the flowers

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