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Coolest Ambulance Cake 3

by Krystal S.
(Odessa, TX)

Homemade  Ambulance Cake

Homemade Ambulance Cake

My Ex Boss asked me to make a cake for her. She owns an ambulance service and I was excited to make an Ambulance Cake. I started by going to a home improvement store and bought wood and PVC pieces. I had my husband make four holes where I would slip PVC through but it didn't go all the way in. That was to hold the cake up and to put the rice crispie tires.

I also had a piece of wood cut a little smaller than the size of the cake, also cut out slots for tires. I baked 3 9x13 cakes. Stacked them and carved out the shape of the van. Under the top layer I put a board in case it would be too heavy (it prob wasn't necessary anyways).

I made the lights in advance and colored the squares of fondant with gel..The bumpers I used silver luster dust to give that chrome look. Cake was covered in fondant and added the lights and I painted on the company name and the windows and blue star.

She loved it and she put it on a Christmas greeting commercial.

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by: rosahernandez

How beautiful was that cake.And very detail.Where did you buy the lights. I hope you can help me,i am also making a ambulance cake. First one and i am very scared,But my son is going to paramedic academy and i have to learn to do this this cake with lights.. please help

by: Krystal S

They are just small squares painted made out of fondant.. you can email me and maybe I can be better help! =]

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Coolest Ambulance Cake Design 5

by Jaime
(Bradenton FL)

Homemade Ambulance Cake Design

Homemade Ambulance Cake Design

Well my sister's husband and his friend graduated from EMT school and I was asked to provide a cake for the surprise congrats party. So what more fitting then an Ambulance Cake Design. I cant take all credit for it though my husband carved the cake and covered it with fondant and then my niece hand painted the writing on it.

The wheels are just donuts that I later airbrushed black. We would of liked to make it roll which we thought we could do by just getting a small toy truck and taking the top part off and placing the cake on top but we could not find a truck that would work.

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