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Coolest Cheetah Cake

by Analda H.
(Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa)

Homemade Cheetah Cake from Africa

Homemade Cheetah Cake from Africa

I made this Cheetah Cake for my son's 5th birthday party. He loves the cheetah and from that we decided to do a Africa Safari party, with a track hunting game (obviously with a treasure at the end), an elephant pinata etc.

I started the cake off with a cake pan in the shape of a teddy bear, which provided me with the round shape for the head and ears. The bottom part of the mouth was added to elongate the face, using a half moon shaped pan. The nose was also build up with extra peaces of cake. The extra parts I "glued" on with caramel.

I shaped the ears a bit more pointy, using extra icing sugar, most kids won't mind that. I used photographs of real cheetahs as a reference for the colouring with the icing, which I only smeared on, to give a bit of a rough texture for the fur. For the details I used a icing tube, specific the star end for the spots.

For the whiskers I used brown pipe cleaners.

Comments for Coolest Cheetah Cake

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by: Susan D.

I did a cake for my sister that was a lion head on top of the cake and I looked through hundreds of pictures of cat cakes, and yours is by far the best I have seen. Did you sculpt the cake too, or was that a shaped pan. Unbelievable frosting work too. Most impressive.

by: Anonymous

Analda, you do the coolest things ever for your kids!! Must really consider going into kiddie parties - so much creativity to offer!! Luba

Well done
by: mildred

Amazing i did a similar cake with my friend Jilly But yours is amazing, top marks; but whats with the pipecleaners?

by: ?????

wow I'm only 10 but its my birthday soon and I love animals, I'm telling mum I want this cake.

Left me in awe!
by: Carolyn

Absolutely the cutest cake I've seen!!!

my cake
by: summer

I want that cake for my b'day on 8.3.200



by: Anonymous

i had this cake for my b'day. My wish has come true i had the best party ever

Very Nice
by: Cassandra

This is a very "clean" cake. You did an amazing job. (:

the cheetah cake
by: judy

that's an awesome cheetah cake .... it must of taken hours to make

by: emma w

i absolotly love this cake!!!

Cheeter cake!
by: Anonymous

It's immense!

by: Anonymous

My nephew is having a jungle theme #5 birthday too. He is going to love this cake!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

happy b'day to me
by: summer

i got for my b'day and it was amazing

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

Great cake but I think I would use black or chocolate shoe string licorice for the whiskers.

by: Anonymous

Very cute cake but I would substitute the whiskers for black or chocolate shoe string licorice.

by: Anonymous

This cake is soo cool i wish i could bake like this luv it sooooooooooo much



love this
by: bebe

i love cheetah cake!!

What pan did you use?
by: Sharon

What pan did you use for this cake? I have been looking on line and can't seem to find one.

Cake pan used
by: Analda

Hi Sharon. I started of by using a cake pan of a TEDDY BEAR / BEAR to get the basic shape with the ears etc. (This was basic a circle with 2 ears) Then I made the necessary changes: I extended the bottom part of the face by adding the mouth part to make the face look slimmer and more cat like. After that I aded the nose and top part of the mouth as a second level, to get a bit of a 3D feel. Hope you understand!

The cheetah face was a huge hit!
by: Alisa

I made this cake for my daughter's 8th birthday party. She LOVES cheetahs and wants to work with them when she grows up! It printed off the picture, baked a couple of round cakes, cut and sculpted, then iced away until it looked just like this. Everyone was so surprised! Thanks so much for sharing. Nothing could have topped this!

by: Sam

This cake came out sooo good it looks alive!

by: Anonymous

O< this is the best animal cake I have seen yet. The whiskers are great just the way they are. I wish you were my friend so you can help me do something like this.

by: Anonymous

that is so cool i love it

Great Job!
by: Milena

You should be proud of yourself! It looks amazing. I will print this and use it as inspiration for my son's 6th birthday. Thanks for sharing.

great cake
by: Anonymous

We tried to copy your cake for my daughters 9th birthday.It didnt come out nearly as perfect as yours but all the kids loved it-thanks a million!

love it
by: megan

your cake put a smille on my face

cheetah cake
by: Andrike

Cool cheetah cake. My daugther is turning 11 and she wanted a cheetah cake for the past 2 years. so we decided this will be the year for the cake, but now she wants a cake of a cheetah lying in a tree. HELP!!

by: not telling ya

i would love to do that

by: Anonymous

Your frosting is amazing! How did you do it?

cheetah cake
by: Angelica

I'm hoping I can replicate this cake for my daughter Aubry. She will be turning 15 in July and get birthday theme is sassy, wild and free.

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Coolest Fox Cake

by Heidi

Homemade Fox Cake

Homemade Fox Cake

I was asked by a customer to make a homemade Fox cake for her husband, looked on the net and as you can imagine, they are quite scarce. So, I took the bull by the horns and decided to carve one using a drawing of a fox that I found on the net.

The Fox was all curled up asleep and looked so sweet. I thought it would be easier to transport this way too, rather than sitting on haunches. I made the cake from quite a dense chocolate sponge and buttercream and covered it in white fondant icing. I then textured it with a knife.

I'm very fortunate, because my father-in-law bought me an air brusher, this has been really useful, but especially in this case, I don't think it would have looked as effective without it. I added the ears in fondant icing too, then sprayed away and voila! I was pretty pleased with myself, as I had been having panic attacks over it.

Comments for Coolest Fox Cake

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by: Rhiannon

Wow that's so awesome! I wish I could do something like that.

by: Heidi

Thanks Rhiannon. To be honest, it was one of the easiest cakes I've done. I was in such a flap about doing it, was my first real attempt at carving anything, but I couldn't believe how simple it was. The airbrusher contributed a lot to the over-all look, I really think that it wouldn't have had anywhere near the same effect if I had just tried to colour the icing in the normal way.

Great Job

Most Awesome!!

by: Jacqui

Excellent job on the fox cake! It looks amazing!

cool cake
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness, it looks so real! Amazing job!!

fox cake
by: neve

wow that's amazing i love it***

by: Anonymous

cool!!! but, how do you cut a cake like that?

by: Handy Cake Man

Holy cow that cake is wonderful. It's Art, I'd say! ART! Anyway if you made that for me I wouldn't be able to eat it, it's so real!

love it
by: Anonymous

it looks so realistic!

by: a nonny muss

my comment title lied.
wat i meant was, "DOUBLE WHOA." omigod how the heck did u make that? its so realistic and Ive never seen a fox cake b4! but i do luv foxes. wow great idea i wish i could make it!

by: Fox Girl

My favourite animal is the fox and it's very rare that ANYBODY does ANYTHING out of a fox. You can't just walk in a shop and see fox stationary. So I was looking around this site, and I pressed ANIMAL and I thought just as a joke that I would look for a fox and I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! I SAW IT! And it's darn accurate too...maybe you could do one of a vixen and her kit?

by: Bobbye

Awesome cake design

by: raena

Wow! It looks like it's been made out of a roast chicken :D Seriously that air brusher must be magical. Great job, I'd be really proud if i did that!

by: Anonymous

Your fox cake is awesome! A Fox cake you my girl are talented.

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Coolest Cheetah Birthday Cake

by Stacy B.
(Greenville, WI USA)

Homemade Cheetah Birthday Cake

Homemade Cheetah Birthday Cake

This Cheetah birthday cake was cut out of a half-sheet cake. To get the shape I used a small piercing knife to cut the basic outline of the cat out. Next I iced the cake using a cake icer tip. Next I figure-piped the legs and arms and face with a a coupler tip. I created fur texture by using a fork starting from the outside working inwards. I airbrushed the details and piped on the spots etc.

Once you do a few cutout cakes you really get the hang of it and can choose almost anything. Coolest Birthday cakes website is soo helpful for ideas, that is why I like to share my ideas as well. This cake was for a little girl who loved cheetahs and wanted a cool cake like everyone else gets! The cake was a hit!

Comments for Coolest Cheetah Birthday Cake

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Well done
by: Anonymous

Very good work

Cheetah Cake
by: Karina

How unique! Nicely done!

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Coolest Koala Cake 10

by Wendy T.
(Kansas City)

Homemade Koala Cake For Nicholas

Homemade Koala Cake For Nicholas

I made a large slab of white cake and a couple of different shaped chocolate cakes. By cutting and piecing them together I was able to get the overall koala cake shape.

I used store bought frosting (not great tasting, but easy to work with and time-saving!) which I tinted with brown food coloring. Working with a palette knife allowed me to tint and add texture as I went along. An illustration of a koala in a children's book helped me with the cute expression...koalas don't really smile like this!

Comments for Coolest Koala Cake 10

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Cutest Koala!
by: Sandy

This cake is awesome! I love that you used frosting instead of fondant! The colors and shape are incredible - GREAT JOB!!!

by: dylan

well done for making this cake. Its my mums birthday in 2 days. please can you tell us the recipe.

by: Lyn Prince

It is my 50th Birthday shortly and I have always collected koalas. Do you have a template for this cake or could you explain how you put it together.

Much appreciated if you could help

by: Mallorie

I'm a huge koala lover, and this is something exactly what i want for my 21st birthday. i would love to know the recipe lol.

Love It!
by: Anonymous

I hope everyone makes There children a koala cake. Everyone loves Koalas. There so cute.

Seeking more info
by: Grandmama

I would love to have more details and recipe if you are still sending replies. My six year old granddaughter wants a koala cake for birthday this Sat. Great job. Tks

by: Anonymous

Everyone, thanks for your comments. Just to clarify, there is no actual recipe. I simply baked a couple of plain cakes (one white cake in large oblong pan and 2 in circle tins) and then pieced it together over a template which I drew on a big piece of paper. I didn't make an actual template, but I am sure you could make one if you needed to- Just draw an oval about the size of your largest cake pan, then draw a smaller circle on top for the head. Adding the ears, hand and foot, and trimming away to make the rounded back, is pretty simple. Good luck!

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Coolest Koala Bear Cake 3

by Nina C.
(Milwaukee, WI)

Homemade Koala Bear Cake

Homemade Koala Bear Cake

I made this Koala Bear Cake a few years ago for a co-worker's b-day. She heard about the strange cakes I've made in the past for friends and asked if I could make a Koala cake. As you can tell, I did not use any sort of pan, cut it free hand with a knife from a 9x13 cake pan. The cake is frosted with tinted butter cream frosting. I used a steel blue color in place of gray to give it a more cartoon feel.

Comments for Coolest Koala Bear Cake 3

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by: Anonymous

that's pretty cool but its not a koala bear because they don't belong to the bear family so its just koala

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