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Coolest Pink Zebra Cake 8

by Angela H.
(Hurt, VA)

Homemade  Pink Zebra Cake

Homemade Pink Zebra Cake

The ultimate girly-girl cake! The inside of the Pink Zebra Cake is chocolate cake with peanut butter cup filling (Whip together: 1 c. creamy peanut butter, 1 stick room temp. margarine, 2 c. powdered sugar, 2 T. milk). Then I lightly iced the outside of each tier with buttercream.

I prepared the bottom for stacked construction using 4 dowel rods. Cover each tier with pink fondant. I brushed the entire cake with pink pearl dust to make it glitter. Cut out flowers of each color, then lightly roll them with the rolling pin to smush the two colors together. Make a "sandwich" of flower, fondant adhesive, wire, flower and let dry overnight.

Meanwhile, cut zebra stripes out of black fondant and use fondant adhesive (watered down mushy fondant applied with a brush) to back of each stripe and press onto side of cake. Stack the little cake on top. Roll pink and black balls and alternate them for border. Dip each ball into a little bit of water first. Insert a flower spike into the center of the top tier and push fondant down inside of it.

By the way, the wires were 18 gauge florist wire just bent by hand. Lastly, push wires into spike. Voila!

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Homemade Zebra Print Cake

by Laura

This was for a 18th birthday. I do not know how to make fondant so the stripes are made with candy melts. So was the initial. Melt in a decorator bag and cut a very small hole, the tips I had were too big and without the tip the bag could be reheated in the microwave if the chocolate started to harden. I made lots of stripes on wax paper. I printedzebra print images off the computer, place wax paper over the top and trace. Let cool, I did mine in the frig. Make extra in case of breakage. I like doing my letters this way, as a beginner redo's are easier than erasing icing from the cake. The layers are just 2 regular sheet cakes, the 2nd cut into square and turned diagonal. I had problems with keeping the pink out of the white, I was told to do the white last in the future. Not bad for a beginner. The birthday girl liked it.

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Coolest Zebra Striped Birthday Cake 7

by Janice Q.
(Deatsville, Al)

Homemade Zebra Striped Birthday Cake

Homemade Zebra Striped Birthday Cake

I am a wanna-be baker who loves to make cakes! This idea came from a request from a Mom for her daughter's 21st Birthday. She liked zebra stripes, who doesn't, and the number 21.

Instead of just writing on the cake, I cut out the numbers. I then lightly frosted the numbers and covered with homemade fondant. Next, I colored enough fondant for the stripes. Lastly, I put co-ordinating black/white ribbon around the bottom to give it a finished look.

Don't forget to cover your cake board for extra effect! I used bright pink tissue, some of the ribbon, and clear cello to cover. It must have been a hit at the party cause I got another order yesterday!!

Comments for Coolest Zebra Striped Birthday Cake 7

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by: Anonymous

How did you make the strips? Free hand?

Me too!
by: Laurie

I too have taught myself to make cakes starting with my oldest child's 1st bday cake. Now my youngest wants a zebra striped cake for her 10th. This challenges me as I am not sure how to do the!! Never used fondant either?

by: DeeAnn

I should be famous

by: Anonymous

What size pans do you use and where do you get it at?

Cake pans not needed!
by: Anonymous

I made a similar cake for my brother's 30th bday.I just free hand traced the numbers & cut them out.Then make a sheet cake,lay paper on top of cooled cake& use knife to cut cake around paper to make shape.I use this technique a lot,saves a lot of $ from buying expensive cake pans that you might only use once plus you can make the cake whatever size you want!!Good luck!!

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Coolest Zebra Print Cake 2

by Daniela G.
(Curitiba, Brazil)

Zebra print cake

Zebra print cake

My cousin asked me to bake her a cake for her 25th birthday. I always say she's my "Barbie Doll", since loves bright pink, animal prints, star-shaped stuff, etc.

So, I decided to make her this zebra print cake. It is a simple vanilla cake, with layers of strawberry jam and chocolate.

I first covered the cake with white fondant. Then, I used a scalpel to cut the stripes of black fondant. I used a zebra print mug she loves as a pattern.

I added a pink fabric ribbon to give it a nicer finish and the star-shaped candles for a final touch. She loved it!

Comments for Coolest Zebra Print Cake 2

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by: Anonymous

soo cute!

omg.. love it
by: Anonymous

I love the cake you baked. Do you have your own business?
I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU DO ONE FOR MY BIRTHDAY. I'm in love with zebra! by the way it was so cool I love it!

zebra cake
by: Anonymous

where did you find the fondant?

lovezz it
by: Anonymous

This is like the best cake I've ever seen!! and thanks for the idea I will definitely use it when I tell someone to make a cake for my 18th birthday that's coming up! thanks!

Love it
by: Morgan

I am like freakin in love with zebra print and hot pink. My room is zebra print and hot pink and most of my things are zebra print or hot pink lol! Im looking for somebody to make a zebra print cake for my birthday party which is May 9. If you have your own business maybe you can put your e-mail on here or your business number if you don't already have it on here and i can give you a call. The only problem is I live in Spring, Texas and I think you live in Brazil. Maybe I'm mistaken. Anyways, I love your creation. Toodles!

by: Anonymous

I want my birthday cake like that..
Its really PRETTY!
I Love it.

Zebra Cake
by: Don't need 2 no my name

I once had a zebra cake I got it from piggly wiggly but IT WASN"T as pretty as this one is!!!
it is the prettiest cake I have ever seen!

by: lyndsay

My birthday is today and I love zebra stripes!!! totally cute cake!

i loveee this cake
by: lauren

Oh my God i love this cake. I'm planning to use this cake idea for my 17th birthday. I'm not using the big pink bow but that is really pretty. I want polka dots on the side of the cake where the bow is because I love zebra print and polka dots. I was trying to choose between zebra or polka dots but with this cake idea I can have both. You must be really creative :) there is no way I could've done this lol. you did an awesome job.

zebra diva
by: k k

it is so sexy

by: zahkira

zebra lishus

by: Meghan sALYERS

OMG I love this cAKE!

love it
by: Anonymous

omg I love this cake it rocks!

so so ptetty
by: Anonymous

I love that cake its so pretty and nice yeah I love zebra things too awesome job......

by: Lindsay

I Love it you did a great job

by: Anonymous

I love the design on the cake because a friend of mine loves zebra print.

by: Anonymous

This is great!! I was looking for a pattern to make---this is perfect!! Thank you so much!

by: Anonymous


omg xxx
by: sweetiepie

I love it. If you have your own business do you have a website zebra print?

by: Anonymous

I'm turning 15 this November and let me tell you everything I have is ZEBRA! I love this cake. It's my dream I've been wanting one like this ever since I fell in love with stripes. Do you have your own business?

by: Cassie

That is awesome. I want one of those for my B-day.

I love this
by: Anonymous

I'm such a prep. I'll admit it I love hot pink and zebra print. That's how my room is decorated. I love this. You need to make me one for my 13th.

ohh - eem - gee
by: Anonymous

I love dis cake

by: Anonymous

So cool that you have a sweet cake like that. I'm going to make my mom get me this. My bday is March 1.

by: .Isabel.

Oh my goodness, this cake looks amazing!! what a great job on the cake, like a piece of art! now I want a cake like that! and I have this zebra craze lately, where if I see anything with zebra, I just want to have it!.

by: Anonymous

i have one my mom is making and it kinda looks like that but bigger and the inside is zebra also. I love this cake. You are amazing

by: noodlesss

This cake is very cute but I would like my name on the front of it but otherwise its cute and beast!!!

by: Anonymous


by: janiry

How cute love you*!

by: Ashley

That is SO adorable!Cute,cute,cute

by: Kaileyy

i am in LOVE with zebra print! like its an obsession! I would KILL to have a zebra cake for my birthday! If its possible to make an amazing cake like that by Saturday I so would!

you are amazing.


cake awsome
by: Anonymous

very beautiful cake! Great job who ever made it! 100% beautiful.

by: alli

that's so cool

really cool
by: me

It is so cool

by: Zebra Lover 101

omg, that cake is so awesome. Everything in my house (room) is zebra. I paid 139$ for a bed spread, expensive but my parents have the money.

by: ranae

I am in love with that cake, its so amazing. You can make me one?

by: Me

I really want a cake like this for my birthday but I don't think I can make it. It seems complicated.

Amazing cake
by: Anonymous

Amazing cake I LOVE it. I'm trying to get my mom to make me an awesome B-day cake like that.

Great job!
by: Shannon

AWESOME JOB! Thanks for the great tips! I'm making one like this for my best friend's 26th birthday!

the is the best cake i have ever seen!
by: zebra girl

I cant believe you made that it is so cool! I hope my mom can make me one just like it for my birthday party! Thanks for the great tips!!

zebra cakes
by: Anonymous

That's so cute, I love it! It's zebra print, my favorite!!! lol:)

by: caitlyn

i love this cake its amazing.
im turning 13 and that is what my party theme is zebra stripes so im definitely doing this cake
u r so talented and i cant wait to try ur recipe

love it
by: Anonymous

it looks so good i wish i had one like that my bday is in 2months!!

by: Anonymous

I'm in love with this cake, it is better than the ones on the paid TV stations! Amazing job! My birthday is May 23rd and I'm turning 13 and I want a cake just like this one! It's the best cake I've ever seen! I wish I could get you to make it for me....... :)

by: Anonymous

Sorry for my ignorance but what do you mean by fondant?

re: what is fondant
by: Anonymous

fondant is the icing that is used on top. thats the white part and black parts.

love itt!!
by: ZeBraLoVer

Hey, my birthday is august 25!!! I'm sooooo excited!! I want my mom to make me a cake just like this one!! I love it, and you should start your own buisness, this cake is really good! Hope you make more cakes, and you should sell them, this is so good! Please email me if you could tell me how to make one, or anyother cake like it, zebra, polka dots, stars, hearts etc!! Love the girly stuff!!

it cute
by: Anonymous

OMGZZZZ!!! thats cake is super cute!!!

zebra cake
by: Anonymous

hi ho much do you charge for your zebra print cakes x

Heaven is you only way
by: Anonymous

These are some cool cakes your is awesome is just the fondant i don't like fondant and that makes all the cakes smooth

by: Zebra luva

CUTE DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Zebra Stripes
by: Jan V.

How did you make the stripes?

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Coolest Zebra Print Cake 20

by Martha

Homemade Zebra Print Cake

Homemade Zebra Print Cake

I made this Zebra print cake from a 9" double layer round cake covered in marshmallow fondant. A cake order that I had for a little girl's birthday.

The zebra stripes are chocolate marshmallow fondant. It's easier for it to actually color it black without adding to much food coloring. The beads around is just fondant rolled in to little balls and stuck on with butter cream. The top is just circle cut-outs in different sizes.

The customer loved it which of course made me very happy.

Comments for Coolest Zebra Print Cake 20

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