This cake is a present factory run by bugs and flowers to make presents for Hannah’s party. The bugs have also decorated a garden cake for Hannah in the corner that rotates. Each of the 31 presents is an individual cake dressed in fondant.

Here’s a video of the Bug Factory in motion:

The factory itself is also dressed in fondant (foam core base) but the moving parts are not edible. The bugs were all made from Sculpey clay so that we can keep them for memories later. Funny enough the music I put in the garden cake came from Mario Party 3. I grabbed 15 tracks off of it and looped with my Dell DJ. We wanted music with no lyrics and that was just about all we could find on short notice. We decided on music the day before the party (whew!).

The smoker (from a train set) didn’t come in time so we didn’t have smoke coming from the stack. We tried dry ice the night before the party and it was really cool but it makes the fondant sticky and messy and was really hard to change the ice out. Next time, oh yes next time, there will be smoke!

The invitations also matched the theme of the garden cake as they were little presents.

There is a lot movement on this cake. Some of it very slow, so you have to keep an eye out.