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Coolest Avengers Theme Cake

by Michele B.
(Camarillo, CA, USA)

Coolest Avengers Theme Cake

Coolest Avengers Theme Cake

My son wanted to have an Avengers theme for his 5th birthday party. I searched for a cake idea but couldn't find quite what I was looking for, however I was inspired to make a cake that had 3 'platforms' for the Avengers - Hulk, Captain America & Iron Man. I had planned to put action figures on the cake too, but liked this the way it came out even with out them.

I bought my first 9 x 9 cake pan, made 2 funfetti cakes and cooled them before taking them to my sister's where she helped me with the rest. My sister and I made butter cream frosting and put some into a separate bowl to use as our crumb frosting layer. We then frosted the bottom cake before flipping the 2nd upset down on it and frosting it with a crumb layer too.

We then separated frosting into separate bowls to make yellow, red, green and blue. We later mixed red into the blue to make it dark purple for the Hulk border. On the sides of the cake we smoothed the frosting colors on but then my sister added piping to clean the look up. On the Captain America area we piped all the blue before piping white on top to make stars.

* A tip I wish I'd done - shave the top of the cakes off where they bubble up in the center before frosting the bottom one and flipping the top one on. Apparently that makes them lay nice and flat.

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Coolest Arthur Birthday Cake

by Amy
(Derry, NH)

Homemade Arthur Birthday Cake

Homemade Arthur Birthday Cake

My son asked for an Arthur Birthday Cake this year which I thought I couldn't do. He said, "Mom, it's just an oval with ears." In a way, he was right.

I got a coloring sheet online of his face and enlarged it to fit my Pampered Chef large bar pan. I made 2 bar pan cakes. I put CHOCOLATE frosting between the 2 layers (Put some aside to make the brown eyeglasses). Then I took the coloring sheet and traced the image onto parchment paper and cut that out. I took the parchment image and laid it out and cut it with a serrated knife.

Parchment aside, I frosted the shape with Peanut Butter Frosting (I would freeze the cake a little first next time as it was a little hard to get the frosting on the sides with the cake crumbing up.) Yes, I had chocolate frosting in the middle and PB Frosting on top, like a frosting PB cup!

After the cake was covered in frosting, I cut the parchment Arthur apart. I cut out the glasses, including cutting out the lenses. I laid that and the other pieces on top of the cake and traced them with a toothpick. I "colored" in the rest of the cake with the chocolate, white, pink, and black icing. Thanks for looking!

Comments for Coolest Arthur Birthday Cake

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Great cake!
by: Anonymous

So cute and simple! Very nice cake without icky fondant or fancy tools- lucky birthday boy.

by: Anonymous

it looks so realistic!

Great cake!!
by: Anonymous

Looks just like him so good!!and it looks yummy too!!

Arthur cake!
by: Anonymous

I made this cake for my mom just yesterday. It came out amazing, She loved it! And believe it or not she has always loved Arthur!

I love it
by: Fatema Haider

My children(and me :-p) have always loved arthur. I'm glad I found a cake that has their favourite carachter on it. Thank you for posting. I'll make one for my 5 year old daughter's birthday next week!

GREAT cake idea
by: Nikki

This looks amazing, and I think I can do it, too! I will be attempting this for my son in a few weeks! Thank you for posting.

by: Anonymous

Fantastic cake.. Simple yet so effective that's solved my dilemma as my son wants me to surprise him insisting on a made cake...I only have a couple of days to pull it off.. I can't wait to see his face he is addicted to Arthur!!
Thanks for posting

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Coolest Astro Boy Cake

by Sarah Jensen

Astro Boy Cake

Astro Boy Cake

I was preparing for my husband's 30th birthday and he is a huge die hard Astro Boy fan so I decided to make an Astro Boy cake!

I went to work researching and found a really good Astro Boy picture on the net! I printed it off and traced it onto baking paper and cut it out!

I am not much of a baker so used Green's packet mix cakes - used 2 and made a large slab.
I placed the cut out of Astro boy onto the slab and cut around it! I then mixed up all the frosted icing and mixed up all the required colours.

I did the skin tone first and then all the black areas. For the eyes I used black licorice and cut it to size - all trial and error really - placed smarties on top of the licorice for pupils!
I piped the mouth and ears with black icing.
I used left over cake and iced it with red icing and placed the candles in it! This just meant that I didn't have to put candles in my creation and spoil the effect!

And there you have it!

Icing time was approx. 1hr! Quite easy really!

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