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Coolest Astro Boy Birthday Cake 2

by Tanya

Coolest Astro Boy Birthday Cake

Coolest Astro Boy Birthday Cake

This is the Astro Boy Birthday Cake I made for my son's 7th birthday. We went to see Astro boy at the movies. The sponge cake was quite large, a 'full slab'. I found an image online and printed it, made it bigger and cut Astro out of sponge cake. Because Astro boy is so skinny, I also put him on a slab of cake and iced it blue. The black was the hardest colour to get right, so much colouring was needed in my butter icing. It also got darker the longer it was in the fridge. Red was also a hard colour to make, again a lot of colouring was used and it too got darker the longer it was in the fridge.

I put green coloured sugar on his belt and used gels to colour in his facial features. It turned out well though and even some of the other movie goers had a piece of Astro Boy.

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Coolest 101 Dalmations Birthday Cake 7

by Kim

Homemade  101 Dalmations Birthday Cake

Homemade 101 Dalmations Birthday Cake

My daughter LOVES her 101 Dalmation stuffed animal that she got as a gift so I decided to make her a 101 Dalmations Birthday Cake for her 1st birthday.

This cake was made using a Wilton 101 Dalmations cake pan. These pans are no longer for sale in stores but can be found on eBay. I was able to find the original Wilton directions on another website. I followed those directions as outlined.

I used store-bought white, red, and black icing and then combined the red and white icing to make the pink icing for the ears and the tongue. Wilton tips #16 & #21 where primarily used for this project.

This was the first pan cake that I have ever made and found it to be pretty easy. I think the cake looks amazing for an amateur! All of the children (and adults too) loved it!

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by: Angie

I love this. My grandbaby loves Dalmatians and we are planning a Dalmatian party. You did a great job on this cake, how did you get that fancy icing. It looks professional, did you have any Wilton cake lessons? I would love to recreate this. HELP!!

Thank you for your inspiration!

by: Anonymous

Great job

Nice cake
by: Anonymous

I liked it. Keep up the amazing work!

Good job!!
by: Marne Smuts

Whow!! Excellent job! I am planning a Dalmatian party as well in September 2010. Not sure if E-bay can courier pans to South Africa?? Really hope so. Please send me some tips.

What a great cake
by: Tea Krause

What a great cake I have always been fascinated in cooking but I'm only 10 years old.

Well done
by: Nickernoli

My daughter's 5th birthday is approaching and I am charged with the task of pulling together a Dalmation party. I have always made her cakes, can't fathom having someone else do it.

You did a great job. I am from the US but live in the UK, and like the parent in South Africa, I hope I can scrounge up a dalmation cake pan too.

Question: when you said you used store bought icing- did you mean Betty Crocker (or equiv) for the white an those icing tubes you can buy for the red and black? Did the coloured bits have a bitter flavour or were they alright. Thanks.

cake pan
by: Anonymous

actually you can buy the pan's in the store I just bought one for my daughter for her 1st birthday :)

This is so cute!
by: Anonymous

Awwww this is so cute! My twin daughters' class did a dance, and they were the 101 Dalmatians (minus about 90). Alicia and Abbi decided they were addicted to the 101 Dalmatians, and I'm totally going to make this cake for their 5th birthday!

by: Anonymous

thats way to complicated!! but so so cute!! wish i could make cakes just as good as that!! that so awesome!! love it!!

Great work
by: Anonymous

Great work. wish i was able to do that. keep up the awesome work. thanks for the ideas

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Coolest 101 Dalmatians Cake 11

by Clare H.
(Essex )

HOmemade 101 Dalmatians Cake

HOmemade 101 Dalmatians Cake

My daughter is Dalmatian mad and I did this 101 Dalmatians Cake for her 4th birthday which was last year. I do have the Wilton pan already as did this cake for my other daughter's birthday a few years ago. I also have the original instructions but I tend to use them only as a guide line.

I use a Madeira sponge as it lasts well and is a little more solid. This cake was a vanilla sponge with chocolate chips in. The cake is iced using butter icing which I do make my-self. I have added LUCKY to the red scarf as this is my daughter's favorite dalmatian. One trick with this cake is that you need to do it slowly. I tend to ice a bit then pop the icing in the fridge for a while. This stops it becoming to soft.

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Coolest Arthur Cake 2

by Lesley R.
(Brisbane, Australia)

Homemade Arthur Cake

Homemade Arthur Cake

I made this homemade Arthur cake for my son's third birthday. It has always been one of my favourites. I made a large rectangle cake and cut out an oval shape using a picture as a guide. I cut out two circles for ears, I iced the sides in butter cream and rolled them in crushed chocolate biscuits. I used white buttercream for his eyes, buttercream coloured with parisian essence (just a touch) for a light skin tone and pink for the ears.

The glasses were made by cutting out the frame for each eye out of chocolate modelling fondant. I made the eyes using a circle cutter on the modelling fondant. The blush was achieved by using a small amount of the pink and swirling it into the cheek area BEFORE putting the glasses on. It is outlined then with black piping gel.

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