I made a carriage cake for another Mommy that had previously miscarried a set of twin boys that is now about ready to give birth to a little girl. I made this cake from a half sheet cake cut in half and stacked. I used foam board for durability for the stand. I actually reused the boards from the one I made for my stepdaughter’s carriage cake. I used streamer to make the ruffle around the carriage.

I used lids from gallon mayo jugs for the wheels and just hot glued them to the board and columns. I used a plastic canvas formed top covered in royal icing a pink flowers. I star tipped  with white butter cream icing around the sides of the cake. I spread the icing thinly on top of the cake. Then I star tipped a pillow of white with a pink ruffle. I attached the carriage top to the cake. I star tipped around to blend in the top with the bottom of the carriage. I then made a pink and white striped blanket to resemble the pink and white zebra print in the shower decor.

My husband heated a pink headband to form the handle for the carriage. I used pink rosebuds around the cake and across the hood. I attached a bow to the hood made from leopard print streamer to also match the shower decor. I hot glued little cloth rosebuds to the wheels. I also made a little diaper carriage cake to go along with it. All the teachers at the school where I work were in awe of the cake. Our art teacher was proud of me recycling the lids for wheels. She said I have such a talent. That made me very proud. I had a kindergarten teacher tell me she was gonna have a baby just so I could make her a cake like this. LOL