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Coolest Army Tank Cake 43

by Mendy M.
(Indianapolis, IN)

Tank Cake

Tank Cake

I did this tank cake for my son's 4th birthday party. I took ideas from different cakes from this website. What really made the cake and impressed the cake eaters was the camo. cake on the inside.

I baked two 9 x 13 cakes, and one in a loaf pan. I mixed up 6 cake mixes in three different bowls. 2- chocolate cake, 2- yellow cake, and 2- yellow cake that I added green food coloring to. When I poured the cake batter into the baking pans, I alternated the colored mixes.

I used Twizzler nibs for the tracks, Kebler grasshopper cookies for the track wheels and the tank cover on top. The road is crushed Oreos, and the dirt is crushed chocolate graham crackers. The cannon is a biscotti stick from Starbucks.

I frosted the cake with cream cheese frosting then sprayed it with green cake spray, then used melted choc. bark, and black frosting. I rounded the edges of the second layered 9 x 13 cake to form the tank better.

This was a fun cake to make.

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by: aMy


by: karen f

mendy, what a great job! I'll have to check out this site for maddy.

cool cake
by: Tracy

I'm sure all the boys at the party will want a cake just like it for their next birthday. That is definitely the COOLEST cake ever! You did an amazing job!

Stand behind the Firing Line
by: Pa Tom

Wow Think I saw one of these at Fort Dix in 1966. Can't wait till next Jun... Embraer 170 with blenders for the jet engines.

tank cake
by: Grandma JudyAnonymous

This is really COOL Mendy and Thomas. WOW Thomas your Mother is very talented. She may have to hang out her SHINGLE. Maybe start a Bakery. See Ya Soon . Grandma Judy

Awesome Tank Cake!!!
by: Grammy in MO

What a great idea for a special boys birthday! I especially like the idea of the cake batter being camo too. Your cake decor was very clever! Looks very authentic! Good Job!

How fun!!
by: Amy

How fun!! I bet Thomas had a great time, and will always remember his tank cake!! :) You did a great job. Talk to you soon!



Great cake!
by: Erika

I love your tank cake. My husband is deployed in the military and we are going to have a welcome home party for him. I think I might try out your cake. It would be perfect!

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Army Tank Cake 41

by Ron
(Richmond, VA)

Tank Cake

Tank Cake

This army tank cake was our son's 4th birthday as he wanted an army themed party. My husband baked 3 cakes and then layered and carved them with a knife and dental floss. Then he used Oreos for the wheels and tootsie rolls for the tires around the Oreos.

He softened up tootsie rolls in a metal bowl that he stuck in a pot of boiling water and covered (kinda like melting down candle wax on the stove) and then rolled it out with 2 pieces of wax paper with a rolling pin. He used raw spaghetti noodles for the antennas and put black icing on them.

Then the big gun is a pretzel and the little gun by the army figure is a candle. He colored the icing and then decorated the cake and the ground and used crushed up Oreos for the dirt(smashed in a bag with a meat mallot). The logs under the tank are tootsie rolls.

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Looks kool
by: Dad

You always been good with coming up with ideas and following through with your ideas. Looks great.

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Coolest Army Tank Cake 45

by Stacy Bzdyr
(Scranton, PA. )

Tank Cake

Tank Cake

I made this tank cake the night before & refrigerated it. For the base I used a 9x12"glass casserole dish. For the top part I used a loaf pan.

I made 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla. I got 1 container of each chocolate and vanilla frosting and mixed a portion of each to get the desired color use less chocolate for a sand color. I used black squeeze tube frosting with the special tips to design the track and wheels and a pretzel rod covered in chocolate frosting for the canon.

I also used the spray on green frosting to make the camouflage effect and then wrote the words with black gel. It was a big hit and I had lots of fun making it. Oh, and I used coconut for the grass. I just sprayed it green and used army men around it.

The whole family loved it especially the birthday boy.

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cool cake
by: robert bzdyr

nice cake stacy looks so good


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Army Tank

by Sarah
(Athol MA)

This cake was built freehand using regular cake pans. I used one top from a cupcake, one round cake and two rectangle cakes. I trimmed the bottom cake so it could be used as the tanks tracks and I put mini oreos on the side. second layer was just a regular rectangle cake. The third layer was the round cake. I cut a circle opening on top in the middle and put an army figurine inside and put the cupcake top over him, I also put a toothpick behind the figure to help hold the cupcake top up. I used a pretzel rod for the gun and placed it between the second & third layer. Then mixed three different shades of green and made it look camoflauge. I Used the remaining cupcakes on the side with leftover figures on top. Took awhile but was fun.

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