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Coolest Baby Einstein Cake 3

by Sherri
(Dover Florida)

Baby Einstein Cake

Baby Einstein Cake

I got this idea for a Baby Einstein cake from coolest cakes .com and added some of my own ideas along with it. I started with 2 10 inch round cakes. I dug out the pond and iced the whole cake. I made the jello by the box directions but I put it in a stainless mixing bowl.

I sat it in ice water until it got a little thick and I poured it in the hole I dug out of the pond. I refrigerated it overnight. My worm is made from a mini ball pan but only 4 fit on this cake. I used the # 16 tip for the worm. The characters are made from colored fondant, along with the rocks. The grass was done with the grass/hair tip. I had to press a little on the sides to help the grass stick.

I made this cake for my son's 1st Birthday so I made a 6 inch cake to match. He had a good time with his own cake. I had so much fun with this cake I didn't want to cut into into it. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, and have fun with this one.

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Coolest Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake 77

by Jennifer
(Hagerstown, MD)

Homemade  Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake

I made this Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake for my daughter's 1st birthday. I used this site for inspiration. For the body of the cake I used box cake, chocolate and white (I was not sure which she would eat). I mixed the cake mix as directed on the box. Then baked in a glass bowl, I did cook it on a lower temp.

Then came the fun part, for each of the colors I used Wilton's icing colors and I used a big batch of Wilton's icing. Then using a 16 tip I iced the cakes.

For his antennas I used bulk candy rounds from the local grocery store. I used straws and stuck the candy in the straw to make them stand up. I used the same candy for his cheeks. For his eyes, I used black gel with a dab of white icing. His mouth is also black gel. His feet are vanilla wafer cooking with yellow icing. I used the whole cookie but stuck half of it under the cake.

We put the cake on a piece of wood covered in red wrapping paper and plastic wrap.

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Coolest Baby Einstein Cupcake Cake 65

by Dee
(Palo Alto, California)

Homemade Baby Einstein Cupcake Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein Cupcake Cake

It was my son's first birthday and I decided to go with the Baby Einstein Theme for his party. Since he was having a party on a farm where you do all the set up and clean up work I decided to go with a Baby Einstein Cupcake Cake.

I used Betty Crocker Cake mixes (Chocolate, Confetti, Yellow, and Red Velvet). For frosting I used Betty Crocker Whipped Cream Cheese. To color the frosting I used Wilton gel coloring kit and mixed till I got the color I liked. To make the smily face on the cake I used the cake decorating coloring gels from the grocery store.

I tried to mix the colors the closest I could to the Baby Einstein Caterpillar. I made a small cake for the face and just drew the face with the decorating coloring gels. I made cupcakes for the body portion of the caterpillar. I used cupcakes for the feet and antennas.

The whole process was simple but very time consuming so it was great to have my good friend help me.

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Coolest Baby Einstein Birthday Cake 5

by Gaylene

Homemade Baby Einstein Birthday Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein Birthday Cake

I made this Baby Einstein Birthday Cake for my God child's son's first birthday. I enjoyed making this cake for him. I found a lot of info. off the internet.

None of the cakes I looked at had the design I was looking for so my niece and I combined two cakes we liked and this is how it came out. All of the animals are edible, made from m.m. fondant with tylose added.

I got that idea off youtube and created these characters from the invitation.

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Coolest Baby Einstein Birthday Cake 5
by: Carole

This is an amazing birthday cake. The maker is very talented to be able to make all of the characters so realistically.

by: Anonymous

This is by far the coolest cake I have ever seen. It looks to good to cut and eat. My favorite character is not the Einstein's its the black and white dog...the Boston Terrier.
Just kidding Love the entire project...

How lucky your godchild is to have you (with all your talent) that can make such a gorgeous and detailed cake for her and her son.

Can not wait to see the next cake you create...where can I get an original by Gaylene cake made?

Creative Cake
by: KIT

The cake is wonderful. So very creative. I was a college roommate (LSU) of a member of your family ,(Carole Thibodeaux). She sent me the picture the first time I saw it. Way 'tah go!! Keep up the good work. You must have a world of patience.

Kit (also from La.)



LOVE THAT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!
by: Linda

Girl, loved that cake, you sure are a winner in my words. couldn't done this one myself. Got to love ya!

Very Talented
by: Elizabeth

Loved it! It was a beautiful cake and tasted awesome too!

Tasted good too!
by: Amy

Most fondant icing is not very tasty, but this cake was delicious and adorable. Great job!

Gorgeous !!
by: Ann

This is the best home made cake ever. I am planning to try and make my 1yr old's birthday cake like this. A friend of mine agreed to make the characters. Where did you get the ideas from. Would it be possible to share any sites info on how the characters re made etc. thanks

Reply to Ann
by: Gay lene

Ann I'm So SORRY I didn't get to your comments. Please email me at markgaylene(at) if you ever need any info. Thanks again for your comments

best design
by: Anonymous

Hi! my name is Yvonne, i really love the cake design you've made. My son really loves Baby Einstein, I'm planning to have it on his 2nd birthday this coming September.

I want to ask where did you get those edible animals did you buy it? What store? Hope to hear from you thanks

Info .on the cake
by: Gaylene

I looked on on how to make fondant animals .I used the recipe for mm fondant off the internet.I used the wedding cake recipe for the denseness that I needed to be able to set the animals on the top of the cakes.I hope you all have great luck in making these.I have never taken any classes so don't be scared either .Have fun :)

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