Cake by Belinda E., Greenfield, MO

I made this for a mother getting ready to have twins. I have twin boy cousins, my dad’s a twin and my father-in-law is a twin. So I enjoyed doing this.

I traced a drawing onto wax paper which I copied from other baby shower cake photos. Traced it with butter cream and rubbed it off onto the frosted cake. I then filled it in. And it turned out very cute.

Cake by Brooke S., Kennewick, WA

Baby Shower Cake Photos

This stork cake is made using a Wilton stork pan, 1-1/2 cake mixes, iced with Butter cream icing. I sprayed the feathers of the stork with a little bit of orange icing spray to show depth.

Baby Shower Cake Photos

Cake by Tomya C., New London, CT

Baby Shower Cake Photos

I made this cake for a friends’ baby shower. This is a Wilton stork pan and I got the idea for the baby sticking out of the blanket from the pan insert. It was a big hit as you can see from the baby shower cake photos.