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Coolest Baby Shower Cake

by Geneva G.
(Houston, Texas )

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

I made this baby shower cake for someone I gave my cake card to while I was shopping at Party City. I saw this young lady buying decorations for a her baby shower along with her mom. I said ohhh, cute zebra print, do you have a cake yet. She said no so I showed her my work. She called me right away. She wanted a pregnant girl cake.

The cake was chocolate, old family recipe I had, was super moist. I made the breast with 2 small metal mixing bowls, then belly a larger metal mixing bowl. Make sure when your cooking them to lower the temp. of the oven and cook longer because then they won't cook through if they cook too fast.

Place two smaller ones side by side then the bigger one underneath them. I made butter cream for crumb coat. I made my marshmallow fondant to cover the body. I had gum paste and made my flower ahead of time. I colored my fondant pink and cut out the stripes and glued (a little water and gum paste) them on the dress. I made the ruffle by rolling thin and cutting into strips using gum paste tool made it curl. I just gathered it and attached to the dress.

Very easy cake to make. The young lady "LOVED IT" She was very, very happy.

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Coolest Baby Shower Cake 20

by Ashley
(North Carolina)

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

I made a baby block as a Baby Shower Cake. I used an 8x8 pan and stacked four cakes on top of each other with buttercream in between after leveling off the tops. I then iced it in buttercream and smoothed out all of the corners. I then covered the entire cake in fondant tinted between an off white and a beige. I smoothed out all the sides.

I colored red, blue, green, and yellow fondant for the sides. I cut out the border for each side and stuck it on the cake, after I brushed it with a little bit of water. Then I cut out the various letters and shapes for each side and stuck them on the cake. I smoothed out each border and letter. I made a bow out of gumpaste tinted light blue and before I molded it into the shape I wanted I rolled it with a rubber stamp that had hand prints on it.

When the bow was dry I placed it on top after outlining the top with the same gumpaste. I made the little curly cues by cutting thin strips of gumpaste and wrapping them around dowels until they completely hardened and placed them around the bow. I finished the cake of by adding rubber duckies stuck on with some buttercream.

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Coolest Baby Shower Cake 24

by Amanda
(Avilla, Indiana )

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake is the cake I made for my sister's baby shower. I had found an Anne Geddes Ladybug cake off of a different website and it gave me the idea for this one.

I used a full sheet cake for the bottom of the cake and then to make the baby I took a bread pan and a small bowl and divided a cake mix into the two and baked them. I let them cool and then carved it into a baby shape. The cake is decorated with buttercream icing.

The butterfly wings are made out of rice paper which I got at a local cake store, and I used edible markers to draw the designs I wanted on it and then luster dust to color in the wings. I used fondant to make the face and the hands. I just rolled flesh colored fondant over an Anne Geddes doll's face and let it dry and then I used the edible markers to draw the eyelashes and color in the mouth a little bit.

The only thing on this cake that was not edible were the antennas. They were just pipe cleaners from the craft section of a store.

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Baby Cake
by: Michelle

You did a really good job on the baby's face. I am a cake decorator so it takes a lot to impress me. and I am impressed. Good Job!

by: Jessica

That is amazing. I really thought it was a doll. You did a great job! What a sweet special memory she will have!



how'd you do that
by: Anonymous

I like the cake but how did you do the face and hands?

Baby Cake
by: Beverley

I also am a cake decorator and I also am hard to impress. This cake is FANTASTIC!!

by: Anonymous

this was definitely done with fondant and not gumpaste? just trying to make sure

by: Anonymous

what size is the sheet cake

by: melissacheverez

I'm 8 months pregnant n im trying really hard to find someone to make me cake similar to this my lil girl is due soon n were having a butterflie babyshower this is my idea of the perfect cake having trouble with the face though im really jealous

Beautiful, but...
by: Anonymous

I agree that this is quite a beautiful cake..., but doesn't anyone find it disturbing that the plan is to EAT it?

I don't know, I didn't have the same reaction to the more cartoon-y babys, but - this one is SO realistic...

Anyhoo -- it truly IS a beautiful piece of art! :)

Love it!!
by: jenny

how much would u charge to do me a cake like this one???

Love This
by: Anonymous

Oh my god i love this cake! I am planing my sister in laws babyshower and its a butterfly theme. I was wondering how much would it cost to get a cake like this made? You can email me @ Thank you

Hope to hear from you soon. =)

Silvia Silva

by: Anonymous

I thought that was a baby doll cause it looks so good. I would love some help in learning that kind of stuff if you are willing.

by: Anonymous

This is the greatest cakes I've seen great job!!!!!

by: Mercedes Jeter

this cake is so beautiful I never in my life seen anything like it i love it!

by: Anonymous

can you eat the baby doll or is it not mad out of cake?????

by: jean

looks vary nice it gave me an idea thanks....

Wow but eugh
by: Milly

I think that the sugar craft is amazing, but am i the only person that would feel wrong eating a baby? It looks so real, that i would hate to eat it's hand or something!

by: Nicole

WOW!!! This cake is so unbelievable...I can't stop looking at it! You are so talented!!

do you sell this cake
by: maria

Hello love this cake would you make and sell it if someone is interested in purchasing it? I'm interested in it for my sister baby shower!! its a blast!!

by: angela

like how you made your cake for your sister.

Baby's Cake
by: Anonymous

Hi Amanda, I am also interested in this cake as well. Are you interested in making me one for a $$$$. Please let me know....

by: Star

I love this cake.. i am think of making one like this for my sisters baby shower :)

by: Anonymous

Is the baby cover in buttercream and did you use the star tip.

How did you do the face
by: cryptic jones

Hello, Im a cake decorator and have been decorating cakes for friends and family. I was asked to recreate this cake...which I would like to say it is beautiful...My idea is to use a plastic baby doll.. but I would like to know how exactly did you do the face....

Thank you

love the cake
by: jessica smith

this is a very cute cake i never seen somethin like this before its very creative
by: Angel

Can you make this for my baby shower??

by: Anonymous

I absolutely LOVE this cake!! You did an amazing job!! I wish you were in my state, I would love for you to make one just the same for my shower.

by: Tee

Very beautiful. I am hosting a shower in November very interested in your work. Please let me know if your interested.

help make this cake
by: heather

my daughter saw this cake and is in love with it is there any way you can tell me step by step how you made the baby on the cake i would love to suprise her at the baby shower on december first

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