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Coolest Bagpuss Cake 2

Homemade Bagpuss Cake

Homemade Bagpuss Cake

We're really short of money at the moment, and so I decided to make my own birthday cake, using whatever I had available in the cupboard.

The Bagpuss Cake is made of Wright's Madeira cake mix, and also their chocolate fudge mix, which I gave a marbled look, then sandwiched together with jam and butter cream.

Bagpuss is made of marzipan, with fondant for his ears, nose, whiskas and bits on his feet. I painted his stripes on. But had to do many coats to get to the desired shade. The flowers and the writing are also made of fondant using cutters.

Although the cake was really nice I couldn't have eaten it all myself, so shared it out with some family and friends.

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Coolest Bagpuss Cake

by Heather

Homemade Bagpuss Cake

Homemade Bagpuss Cake

This Bagpuss Cake I made for my friend's daughter last May. It's made of Madeira with a buttercream filling and crumb layer and then a sugarpaste outer case.

The sugerpaste was 'feathered' to create the fur effect and the whiskas are made from florestry wire.

I try and make cakes as real as possible, some more successful than other but it's a matter of practice.

Hope you like it!

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Just lovely!
by: Anita

What a lovely Bagpuss cake! :)

i love your cake!!!
by: sami

i just wanted to let you know i love this cake!!! its spectacular =)

lovely cake it is special to me
by: sasha

this cake is so lovely i want it for my birthday it is very lovely pink is my colour $$$

help please
by: rebecca

I have to make a bagpuss cake by Friday, please can explain what you mean by feathering and did you Lay the icing in strips or paint them on. I love you cake its the best I have seen but I need as much explanation as you can give please x

by: Anonymous

Lovely Bagpuss Cake, yes....but please can you explain just how you got Bagpuss' shape? What type of tin did you use?

How to make a Bagpuss cake
by: Heather

I didn't use a specific tin for the cat, the head was made from a 9" round cake tin and the body I used a grill pan and carved the body of the cat to make the shape.

The feathered effect was made by using a sharp knife and making little lines across to look like feathers or fur. The two colours were strips of fondant placed alternatively together and 'glued' together with edible glue.

by: Anonymous

Amazing cake

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