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Coolest Southern Belle Doll Birthday Cake 253

by Marge H.
(Park Rapids, MN)

Homemade Southern Belle Doll Birthday Cake

Homemade Southern Belle Doll Birthday Cake

My Granddaughter turned 3 this year. Several months ago I purchased a beautiful Collectible Porcelain Doll for her. It had a frilly lavender dress with a matching hat and purse. Of course it had her blond hair. So for her birthday I wanted to stay with that theme for the cake.

She wanted pink and purple on her homemade southern belle doll birthday cake. I started by sewing a white hat and added pink and purple lace to add the frill. Rather than using frosting for the bodice, I made a peasant style blouse for the doll and a pearl necklace out of craft beads. I mixed up 2 cake mixes and put about 1 1/2 in the dome shaped cake pan and the rest in a 9" round pan. I set the dome cake on the 9"round cake so the skirt would be longer (that way I didn't have to take the legs off the doll and I could just poke it into the cake).

I mixed up the butter cream frosting and covered the front of the skirt with smooth white frosting. Then used a small plain round tip to cover it with a white lacy design. I used a flower tip for the pink flowers on the skirt and added a pink ruffle on the bottom using the rose tip with little dots above the ruffle to add to the lacy effect.

The back overlay part of the skirt is all purple stars. It looks fancy but not really that difficult to decorate. I think most anyone could get an "Ah" from a special little (or big) girl.

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Coolest Thumbelina Barbie Birthday Cakes 200

by Mary S.
(Marin,Ca, U.S.)

Homemade Thumbelina Barbie Birthday Cakes

Homemade Thumbelina Barbie Birthday Cakes

It was my girl's 2nd and 3rd birthday party. They were really into Thumbelina this year. I decided I would give a shot at making Thumbelina Barbie Birthday Cakes and make them each a cake. The Thumbelina dolls are fairly skinny and small, so its easier to make two. I looked around the stores to see what would be a good skirt for them and I figured out by trial and error that a 2 cup oven safe glass measuring cup was perfect.

I just used boxed confetti cake. One box makes both cakes. You want to fill them just below the 2c. line. They will have to cook approx. 45min. at about 350 degrees. You want to continue to check because it might be longer depending on your oven. I used canned cream cheese frosting and dyed it purple (3 drops red and about 4 drops blue). For the other I dyed it orange (4 drops red and 3 drops yellow).

I frosted them first and then inserted the dolls. I used pink and green frosting from a squeeze can with the leaf tip. Then I decorated them with inedible jewels, which my 8 year old son helped with. I actually made them the night before and refrigerated them to harden the frosting because they were starting to melt. That way I was able to leave them on the table the whole party without them falling apart.

The cakes were a big hit. The girls absolutely loved them. Now all my friends want me to make cakes for their daughters.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks you have given me inspiration as to what I am going to do for my little girl's birthday cake who also loves Thumbelina at the moment, cakes look great btw!

Great job!
by: Anonymous

Your Cakes are the best I have seen. Great job you must be a pro.

thank you
by: mary

Thank you both. I had a lot of fun making these cakes. Its something my kids will always remember. I am already excited about what to do for next year.

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