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Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake 159

by Jennifer
(Buffaalo, NY)

Homemade Barbie Birthday Cake

Homemade Barbie Birthday Cake

My daughter's first birthday theme was princesses. I wanted to make a Barbie doll cake so,I did, with the help of my mom, and wow was it fun and easy. Only thing is that you do need to make sure the dress is in proportion to the doll's top part or it looks like she's on her knees.

I used the Pampered Chef glass measuring bowl and made 2 strawberry flavored cakes and when cooled I sliced about a 2 inch part off the bottom of the bowl form. I put a layer of frosting between the two cakes with bowl tops down, cut a hole down in the middle for the whole Barbie to fit in, then I frosted it and built up frosting under the top layer to even out the dress.

Scalloped the underskirt and used string of pearls around bottom of top-skirt. Smoothed out the dress with a knife dipped in water. Applied some edible glitter and frosted on her top. I made some bows and the hat. Not only did I make one doll, I also made a little one for my daughter to eat.

For the little one I wrapped ribbon around top part of her and tied a bow in back, the skirt is made of cluster of dots and covered in sprinkles. Since the larger cake was strawberry and some family didn't like strawberry I made large vanilla and chocolate cupcakes too (which is what the little princess is made from). They were gorgeous and a hit!

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Very nice !!!
by: Anonymous

What a pretty cake !!!Great idea for the smaller cake for your daughter. I'm sure next year will be a hit too!

by: jenny okonji

i love this cake!

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Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake 162

by Mrs F
(Peterborough, Cambs, UK)

Homemade  Barbie Birthday Cake

Homemade Barbie Birthday Cake

I made this Barbie birthday cake for my god-daughter Ellie's fifth birthday in January 2009. It was only about my third or fourth attempt at a cake, so it's pretty easy and looks great!

I baked four basic Victoria sponges. After they had cooled I piled them on top of each other and, using a bread knife, carved the shape of a prom skirt. I then sandwiched the sponges together with seedless strawberry jam.

Before icing, I cut a hole about 2in deep in the top of the pile of sponges using a pastry cutter - this is where the "legless" Barbie will eventually sit.

I made a basic buttercream icing and coloured it with paste colouring - I find this easier to handle than liquid food colouring.

I smoothed the icing over the sponges, wetting the metal palette knife between each movement to make it easier and to keep the finish smooth.

I decorated with a tube of fondant icing, and decorated each section of the skirt with 100s and 1000s.

After all the decorating was finished, I topped off with the legless Barbie (just a cheap doll bought and the legs pulled off - brutal, but necessary!), which I packed in with more fondant icing.

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Coolest Barbie Ball Gown 240

by Alanna
(Alberta, Canada)

Homemade Barbie Ball Gown

Homemade Barbie Ball Gown

My daughter wanted a princess ball theme for her third birthday. She was getting a new Barbie doll as a gift so it worked perfectly to place in the cake.

I used a Pyrex style glass bowl to bake the cake in. Which worked pretty good other than I wished I would have measured the depth before I baked it as Barbie was a little tall. But some tape and leg bending worked. Once the cake was cooled down (I left it in the fridge over night) I cut a hole in the center for Barbie to stand in.

I used butter icing on the whole cake. After caked was all iced I place some candy sprinkles over the dress. It was a huge hit at the party. Looking back I wished I would have made a small 9X9 inch cake for the dress to sit on (this would have helped with the height difference) as there was no where to place any candles.

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