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Coolest Barbie Cake 108

by L W-K
(Albuquerque, NM)

Navajo Barbie Cake

Navajo Barbie Cake

My daughter wanted an island princess party for her 5th birthday and I wanted to make her a special Barbie cake that reflects who she is instead of a generic store bought one. So I decided to attempt a Barbie cake with an island princess theme and colors with a traditional Navajo dress.

I used a large heart shaped pan for the base and the Wilton wonder mold for the top. Its very hard to find a brown Barbie with brown eyes and hair so a Pocahontas doll was the closest I could get. After doing some hair, clothing and jewelery additions/alterations, she was ready and I wrapped her bottom half in saran wrap.

I used 2 boxes of confetti cake mix for the heart and 2 boxes of lemon cake mix for the dress. The baking is the longest process, and I guess I over filled the wonder mold pan so it dripped, I think making the cake cave a couple inches. Its a good thing I had the extra height from the heart cake to make her legs fit.

Once the cakes were cooled I colored the frosting and fondant for the skirt. It was late and as much as I wanted to add detail to make the skirt look tiered, I was tired and just decorated it with sparkle gel frosting. It was my first attempt at any kind of fancy cake so I hope my next attempt will be even better.

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by: A.Pacheco

This is by far the most beautiful doll cake I have ever seen. My family too is from NM & I have one Navajo "Barbie" from when I was a kid still in the box. They made a few way back in the 80's for a collection of Barbies around the world. My daughter is native& also half Mayan, so I will try to make one that looks similar to their attire. VERY VERY NICE JOB!!!!- By the way, did you place the doll through the heart cake too? Did she need anything else to hold her up? Thanks! Annamarie

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Princess Abigail Cake 357

by Nadia
(Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK)

Homemade Abigail Cake

Homemade Abigail Cake

It's the first time that I made this Abigail cake for my oldest daughter's 4th birthday party. It was quite easy to make, so I guess if I could do it anybody can. First time that I used fondant icing and it wasn't that difficult that I thought to handle.

I made 3 chocolate cakes using a sandwich tin and 2 oven proof round glass bowls. And for the filling I used white ganache that I colored in pink with pink liquid food coloring. The cake is covered with pink fondant, and I bought sugar flowers from a cake shop.

The only trouble that I had was that I didn't leave the ganache to cool down over night and when I filled the cake it started flowing over, so when I put the fondant over, it started to break because the cream underneath was too soft. So to fix it I put another layer of fondant. By the way I bought white fondant because its cheaper and put some drops of pink food coloring to make a nice pink fondant.

I bought a doll and I wrapped her in cling film, the lower part of her body, and after I covered the cake with the fondant I made a hole in it and stuck the doll inside.

It's great gift for little girls, mine were all amazed when they saw it and their friends as well and my husband too.

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