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Coolest Barbie Cake Ideas

I made this fairytale Barbie doll cake for my niece’s 5th birthday. Barbie just had to be the theme this year! (Also check out these cool Barbie cake ideas).

  • Fairytale Barbie Doll Cake

  • To make the cake I prepped four 8″ rounds and used a basic (WASC) white almond sour cream cake recipe.
  • The filling was a raspberry sauce made with fresh raspberries from my niece’s own garden.
  • Once completely cooled the four cakes were filled and then layered.
  • Once they were layered, I carved out the dress shape and then dirty iced the entire cake with homemade buttercream frosting.
  • Then… in went Barbie-waist deep in cake! (I should mention that Barbie worked best unclothed and with her legs wrapped in plastic wrap!)
  • I made a ton of buttercream frosting, about four batches.
  • I tinted it three shades of purple and teal.
  • Starting at the base of the dress, I used the #852 star decorating tip and worked around the base of the dress about 2 or 3 rows.
  • Then I switched out to the next color and proceeded upwards another two rows or so.
  • Finally, I switched to the last color and finished the top of her dress.
  • I filled any holes/mishaps with white flowers and edible pearls.
  • I ended up making a quick batch of vanilla cupcakes and filled them with the leftover raspberry filling.
  • Each of the cupcakes were topped with a teal rose, again using the #852 star tip.

For this Barbie cake, my first specialty cake I think I faired pretty well. My niece was in love with the cake and everyone at the party couldn’t stop talking about it and praising me for a job well done. It took a long time, about 10 hours total, but I think it was so worth it! It looked amazing and tasted awesome! On to the next.

Coolest 11th Birthday Barbie Doll Cake

I made this Barbie cake for my daughter’s 11th birthday. It’s everybody’s dream to make a cake like this and my dream came true.

  • Coolest 11th Birthday Barbie Doll Cake

  • I baked a cake which was eggless so it would be soft and spongy. It turned out amazing.
    I used a non dairy cream as icing in the layers and used an edible pink color icing on the doll’s gown. Unfortunately, due to hot weather I had to use a lot of ice to keep the icing at the proper consistency.
  • Due to lack of experience I wasted a lot of cream, but it finally came out well.
  • Then I added all the decorations. When it came to floral design I wanted to use gel, but got it wrong so during the final touches I again used a pink icing design which was the wish of my daughter.
  • I made the cake according to my daughter’s taste, but kept it a surprise. It was a surprise not only for my daughter, but also for our family and friends. It had to be special.

Then it was showtime for all. As soon as I entered the hall with the cake everybody was so surprised. It was beyond expectations.

Coolest Princess Barbie Cake

I used a basic cake mix using a Wilton Classic Wonder Mold for this princess Barbie cake.

  • Coolest Princess Barbie Cake
  • Coolest Princess Barbie Cake

I used cranberry marmalade instead of butter cream because of storage concerns. I colored the fondant with violet and kept the main skirt white. Ruffles went on first, then the doll body top and styled her hair. I used a real doll, removed the legs which can be put back on later for another play day. I kept the design simple but I think she will enjoy it.

Coolest Dolly Varden Birthday Cake

What a wonderful cake for a little girl. The cake is baked using a Dolly Varden tin, the recipesaid to bake for 50 mins but in my oven it was more like 70 mins until I was happy it was cooked in the centre and it was still soft and moist.

  • Coolest Dolly Varden Birthday Cake

The Dolly Varden cake is iced with butter cream, then marshmallows were but in half, dipped in chocolate and then in colored sugar, that is done by putting caster sugar in a clip seal bag and adding a small amount of food color, then rubbing and shaking until all the sugar is colored. The cut side of of marshmallow sticks to the butter cream so they stay on. Remember to cut a hole out for the doll before you apply the marshmallows.

Try to find a doll where the top is molded onto the doll as this one is, saves it from getting spoiled if the butter cream icing touches it.

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