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Amazing DIY Barbie Cakes

My husband spotted this site when we were looking for ideas on what kind of cake to make for our four year old after browsing for a while I decided to give a go to a pink Barbie cake.


Took a big bowl that seemed OK size wise and put plastic wrap on the inside. Then baked the basic no egg, no milk, no nothing cakes (x4) for the allergic little princess.  I carefully cut the harder top of the cakes to make thin “walls” inside the bowl as I was paranoid the cake would fall apart. Then just filled the bowl with the layers of banana, strawberry jam and a little vanilla oat cream. And put it on the terrace to cool (here in Finland it is fairly cool during winter).

I had white sugar paste that I colored with pink liquid food color, easier than I thought, could not find the ready pink paste this year. Used a bottle (could not find the rolling pin) to make a flat circle a bit bigger than the diameter of the cake measured over the bowl. Got the bowl from the terrace, put the serving tray on top and turned, comes out easily because of the plastic wrap. Then rolled the paste on a long cardboard roll  (the inside of a Christmas paper roll as the rolling pin was still missing and the bottle did not work for this) and unrolled on top of the cake. Cut the extra off, hid the seam with a bit of paste, put on ready decoration and molded a top for the Barbie. Finally stuck the Barbie in and voila!!! Ready!

My daughter was overly surprised as she had hoped for a cake with a Barbie shape incorporated but had been wondering how mom will pull it off. I was surprised myself about how nice it looked.

Hope you like it as well, all the best from Finland. Enjoy making your own Barbie Cakes!

Coolest Princess Barbie Birthday Cake

My daughter kept changing her mind about what type of cake she wanted for her 3rd birthday party. It kept changing between Peppa Pig, Minnie Mouse, Disney princess and Barbie! So I didn’t start planning her Princess Barbie birthday cake until a few days before. I have only sculpted a few cakes before so wasn’t quite sure how it was going to turn out, but it actually was one of the easiest I have made!

  • Coolest Princess Barbie Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Princess Barbie Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Princess Barbie Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Princess Barbie Birthday Cake

I used a Pyrex round bowl to get the top of the skirt shape and 2 small sandwich tins to build up the height, once butter creamed and jammed between all layers, I stabilized it all with a kebab stick and then sculpted the sponge to get full affect of skirt. I then dug out a small dip at top and checked that barbie with no legs fitted in! Then crumb coated it with butter cream.

Next I rolled and cut small strips of white icing and using a cocktail stick I rolled over the strip edges to make ruffles and attached them all around the base of the skirt, I did 2 layers. Then kneaded some white icing with a drop of pink food coloring, rolled it out to a large circle and carefully placed over the top, working quickly to get a draping effect and trimming where necessary.Then added some pink picking onto top Barbie doll and stuffed her into the hole!

The rest was just decoration, a few flowers, a bow on the back and a large 3.

I was really pleased with the outcome and my daughter loved it.

Coolest Dancing Princess Barbie Doll Cake

This was my very first fondant cake!! My twin nieces love anything that has to do with princesses. For their 4th birthday they got a regular Barbie doll cake (the one with a plastic doll on top), they were on cloud nine, they thought it was the best cake ever!! I, on the other hand, thought that the inedible doll kind of ruined the whole thing. So this year I decided to make a princess cake where everything would be edible! I watched hundreds of YouTube videos, purchased all kinds of tools, gum paste, fondant , etc.

  • Coolest Dancing Princess Barbie Doll Cake

I decided to make a silicone mold of a doll head. I wasted quite a bit of fondant before I finally made my princess head! It came out looking perfect! I let it dry for a couple of days, then I drew on her eyes, teeth and lips and attached “hair” made of fondant. The rest was a piece of cake (pun intended). Funny enough, even though I had bought quite a few cake making tools, the one “tool” I used the most was a regular toothpick! I used it for everything from making her fingers to her hair to the bow.

When the whole thing was assembled, a piece of one arm  (at the shoulder) broke off making it much shorter than the other! I had no time to have a new one made, this is why I decided to have my princess with her arms up (this way the difference is not noticeable), and called it “Dancing Princess”. My nieces couldn’t believe the whole thing was a cake and kept saying “she looks just like Barbie!” and  “how did you do it?” Half a year later they still talk about this cake.

Cool Lily Barbie Cake

My Uncle is an avid barbie collector. He swears they’re going to retire on his collection. So for his birthday I thought it would be funny to make him a barbie doll cake.

  • Cool Lily Barbie Cake
  • Cool Lily Barbie Cake
  • Cool Lily Barbie Cake
  • Cool Lily Barbie Cake
  • Cool Lily Barbie Cake

I chose a lily Barbie that was part of the collectors club of barbies. These barbies are expensive not your run of the mill shopping center dolls. So I found a decent doll and went to work. He loved it and everyone “oohed” and “ahhed” . The cake was cocnut with chocolate fudge filling, covered in a layer of chocolate fudge buttercream then fondant. It was a huge hit and he even recommended to his friends to order cakes from me. I’m not a professional baker but after the response to this cake I just might become one!

Cool Barbie Doll Cake

This Barbie doll cake was a fun cake to make. I had a couple friends sitting with me and helping me with some flowers. I would say the challenge on this cake was making the pink last.

  • Cool Barbie Doll Cake
  • Cool Barbie Doll Cake
  • Cool Barbie Doll Cake
  • Cool Barbie Doll Cake

I ordered some moulding chocolate so that it would make it a little easier but, whoops, I didn’t get enough. So I pulled out my melting chocolates and came up with enough to make an adorable cake. This one was for a co-worker of my husband’s. They just moved to Montana from Louisiana and they loved it. I started with he ruffles and then made the remainder of the skirts.

Finally Legal Barbie Cake

My daughter was turning 21 and of all things, she wanted a Barbie Cake. So I dug out my grandmother’s midnite chocolate cake recipe and started baking. I doubled the recipe and used a batter bowl to bake it in. It took 1 hour and ten minutes at 325 to get done. I let it cool overnight.

  • Finally Legal Barbie Cake

Main ContentWith a serrated knife, I leveled the bottom off the cake and turned it over onto an 8 inch plate. I scored an x in the top of the cake to easily slid Barbie into it. The next day my younger daughter went to town with butter cream icing and food coloring. She used a tiny cake decorator and made it look just right. We included a sash on the Barbie that said ” finally legal, 21″! And we put a bottle of whiskey in her hand.

Hope you like our cake. We added confetti and 21 tea lights to the cake plate.

Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake

I offered to make a Barbie doll cake for my friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday.  I used the Wilton Wonder mold pan rented from my local cake supply store and also baked one 8″ cake to go underneath and add the height I needed to accommodate an actual Barbie doll.  The Wonder mold pan required 2 mixes and I put one mix in the one 8″ pan.  When all cakes were baked and cooled, I cut the Wonder mold cake in half horizontally so that I had 3 layers total.


Instead of trying to cut the hole for the doll through all layers at once, I separated the layers and cut each hold individually.  I then reassembled the cake.  I wrapped the Barbie doll from the waist down in cling wrap so it wouldn’t get messy being in the cake.  I then made a simple butter cream frosting and did a crumb coat layer of icing on the entire cake.

I used a small star tip to make the gold colored front of the dress.  Then, I used a petal tip 104 to make the ruffles around the dress.  I then used a slightly larger star tip to make the shell border on the bottom and I had purchased a few pre-made roses for the bottom of the dress. I decided that the dress still needed a little more to it so I took the smaller star tip again and made little stars randomly around the dress to break up the pink a little bit.

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