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Coolest Baseball Cap Cake Ideas Ever

This Baseball Cap cake is the cake I ended up with after a crazy, collapsing disaster of a cake to start with. At the last minute, one of my good friends needed a cake for her father’s surprise 74th birthday party. She had lots of people coming and forgot to place an order for a cake.

The night before the party she told me she was just going to grab some cupcakes from a box store. I knew she had wanted a special cake and I already had another cake in the oven, so I told her I’d make something for her. She came up with a baseball cap theme and wanted 3 caps stacked on top of each other.


Well, I baked the cakes, stacked them, and carved them, but it wasn’t working out to be anything near what I wanted. With only 2 hours until I needed to deliver a cake, I started over and baked new cakes. I made my butter cream frosting and proceeded to stack and frost 2 8″ layers. With the first tier out of the way, I got out a cake board and placed a 6″ cake on it, sliced off the top to make it level, iced it, then stacked another on top of it. I carved it just a little to make it more cap shaped, then finished icing with butter cream.  I rolled out some white fondant and covered the 6″ cake tier, smoothed it out, and trimmed the bottom.

With a wheel tool I scored the fondant to look like seams and used the quilting tool to make the stitches along the sides of the seams. I colored a fondant/gum paste mix blue. I rolled out the fondant combo for the brim of the hat and used the quilting tool to make stitches along the front edge.  I rolled a little into a ball to place on the top of the cap. I colored more fondant red to use for the snaps on the back of the cap and for the name badge on the front.

For the snaps on the back, I rolled out the fondant and cut it the right shape. In order to get the holes and tabs, I used two icing tips. One a little larger for the holes and one a little smaller for the tabs. I attached them all using a brush and water. After I placed the top tier on the bottom tier and added a shell border around the bottoms, I attached the brim of the hat with water. I placed a log of blue fondant wrapped around a dowel rod underneath the brim and pushed the dowel into the cake to help hold it on the cake. The cap looked too plain with the white fondant, so I tinted a little water blue with paste coloring and used a paint brush to color the cap a pale blue.

I used a paper towel to dab the colored water after I painted it on to get the result I was looking for. I cut out an oval of red fondant and placed it on the cake with water. Then I piped the name “John” onto the red oval with blue butter cream frosting.  I was very shocked to be able to pull off this cake after the disaster of the first cake crumbling under the weight of itself and eventually tipping over, but I was pleased with the final result. Everyone is still talking about this cake, even though it’s been a couple of weeks since the party!  Thankfully my disaster had a happy ending.

Baseball Cap Cake for my Granddaughter who Lives for Street Dancing

My granddaughter is totally hooked on Street Dancing, she enters competitions through out the year, part of her dance outfit is a baseball cap. In December 2012, I took a 4 hour cake decorating course in which I decorated a Christmas Cake. I must admit it did come out really well.

Now my family think I am an overnight expert, my granddaughter Paige was the first the have a birthday since taking the course and she asked me if I would be able to make her a birthday cake. She wanted the Baseball Cap cake in pale blue on a pale pink base.

  • Baseball Cap Cake for my Granddaughter who Lives for Street Dancing

Well my mum was the baker in our house not me, but I said I would have a go. Well I watched many videos on Google and then had a go myself, I enjoyed every minute of it and shocked not only myself but family, friends and Paige’s dance group. I say to anyone never say “I can’t” or  “I don’t know how to”,  just do your homework and give it a go. By the way, I had to learn how to cake a sponge cake first!

Now my family are thinking about their own birthday’s and what cake they would like, my next adventure is for another granddaughter she wants a Teddy bear sitting on a chair “what” ! Well in for a penny in for a pound. Google here I come again.

Coolest Carolina Panther Baseball Cap Cake

My first attempt at a Baseball Cap cake. I have not perfected the art of fondant so the cake is covered in butter cream. The ball is made from mm fondant and gum paste. Next time will make with all gum paste so it will be stiffer (had to hold up with toothpick, truth be told).

  • Coolest Carolina Panther Baseball Cap Cake
  • Coolest Carolina Panther Baseball Cap Cake
  • Coolest Carolina Panther Baseball Cap Cake

The decals were made from my edible printer on sugar paper set on white fondant so it shows better, plus it gives a 3d look. Used a fondant tool to make the “seams and stitching”. The button and air holes were also fondant. It is not perfect, but I sure learnt something today.

Coolest Texas Longhorns Baseball Cap

It's my hubby's birthday so I thought I would give another try to a Texas Longhorns Baseball Cap Cake. I made one other previously and I ended up doing everything the same with the exception of the bill.

  • Coolest Texas Longhorns Baseball Cap

I made a cake in the Wilton 1/2 soccer ball pan and iced it in buttercream and topped with fondant. I had my son draw me a picture of the long horn to cut out fondant for the cap. I took a piece of string to mark my lines in the cap and went over it with the stitch embosser. I created the vent holes using some icing tips.

Originally I cut the fondant bill and let it dry over saran wrap over one of my hubby's caps to let it take the shape. It turned out perfect but as soon as I tried to attach it to the cake it cracked and broke right down the middle. I ended up cutting a piece of cardboard and put the fondant over it to shape the bill. Turned out OK - but I still want to figure out something better for the bill. Any advice on how to get the bill to turn out better is very welcome!

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