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Coolest Hot Shower Cake 2

by Brianna R.
(Nampa, ID)

Homemade Hot Shower Cake

Homemade Hot Shower Cake

My sister-in-law makes rag quilt for baby showers of her friends and family members. She was putting on a shower for someone and made a super cute quilt that was hot pink, orange, yellow, blue and green for a little girl. It had flowers and polka-dots on it. She really wanted to do a cake that matched and was different, however she knows from past cakes that I have made that no one wants to cut the cake and eat it because they have all been open houses so people want everyone else to be able to see the cake before eating it.

So I wracked my brain trying to come up with an idea on how to remedy this little problem where people can eat the cake but not ruin the overall look of it so others can enjoy looking at it later too. I made this hot shower cake in four sections with the two different images on two sections. That way you can take out one section at a time leaving the remainder of the cake untouched.

Each section was it's own cake. They all loved the idea.

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good job!
by: Anonymous


I love it, you really did an awesome job!

So Awsome
by: Kacie

Wow. I realy like it. You did a great job doing all the little details! I LOVE THE CAKE! I also liked how you sliced it.

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Coolest Bathtub Birthday Cake 13

by Kristen
(Charlottesville, VA)

Homemade Bathtub Birthday Cake

Homemade Bathtub Birthday Cake

I made this Bathtub Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday. She just loves her rubber duckie. This cake was made from two 9x13 cakes made from box mixes.

When both cakes were cooled, I positioned one cake on my serving tray and frosted the outside two inches all around the top of the cake. Then I put the other cake on top of it and cut out the middle of the top cake (leaving about 2 inches around the outsides). I iced the cake all over with a buttercream frosting.

The ‘water’ inside is blue jell-o, made according to the package directions and then scooped in just before my guests arrived. The faucets are big marshmallows with 4 mini marshmallows attached via toothpicks and the design was smoothed over with a little icing. The ‘H’ and ‘C’ were computer printed on paper and then attached to the marshmallows with a little icing.

The spigot is a slice cut out of a large marshmallow and attached with icing. This cake took a while to frost, but was otherwise very easy to make and it was a big hit with my guests.

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Love the cake
by: Pam

That is sooo cute I love it and I am sure the jello made it yummy since I love jello cake,
Also you can use piping gel as water.

by: Rebecca H

Your cake is very adorable and cute!

so cute!
by: heidi

Kristen, that's brilliant! i love it. :)

by: Anonymous


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Coolest Tub Cake 10

by Joyce Blackwell
(Portales, NM,)

Tub of Fun Cake

Tub of Fun Cake

This cake is a tub cake with ducks swimming in it. I used two 9x13 inch pan to make the cake and cut the center out of one of them. I made blue jello and used it for the water in the tub. The faucet is just some foil that I shaped to look like a faucet. The hot and cold knobs are made of marshmallow, big ones and then little ones on the side.

To finish off the cake I added two small rubber ducks in the pool. This cake was made for my daughter's 1st Birthday. There was a small round cake just for her but everyone enjoyed eating out of the tub.

The icing was made from scratch, I didn't have to do much coloring of the icing which makes this cake easy to make. This is a great beginner cake because it is so easy. This was one of my first cakes when I started to do cakes. I added to this cake around the side some cake decorations little ducks and dots just to give it a little extra something.

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