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Coolest Batman and Robin to the Rescue Birthday Cake 61

by Toni C.
(Raleigh, NC)

Homemade Batman and Robin to the Rescue Birthday Cake

Homemade Batman and Robin to the Rescue Birthday Cake

For my grandson’s 6th birthday it was a Batman and Robin to the Rescue Birthday Cake. My daughter and her family don’t like fondant, so most of the cakes I make for them are covered with butter cream as is this one. The first layer of the cake is 14x14 inches with a 9 inch round, second tier is also filled with butter cream.

Since Michael was only six when I made this cake I decided to try and make it like the campy TV show which was on when I was young. This accounts for the POW, ZONK, SMACK, BONK, etc. These signs were made with fondant and letter cutouts. I made the signs and added lollypop sticks to hold them up. The Batman emblem is made out of fondant and is all the lettering on the cake. I propped up the action figures with lollypop sticks.

The backdrop of Gotham City is made of cardboard and yellow construction paper. I cutout the city, painted it gray and cut out the windows so that you could see the yellow lights inside the building. The toughest part of this cake was finding the Joker and Robin action figures which were the ones my grandson specifically wanted on the cake.

His party was held at a gymnastics gym so the kids were all inspired by the cake and played Batman and Robin. A great time was had by all.

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Coolest Batman and Batsignal Cake 21

by Neenah
(London, UK)

Homemade Batman and Batsignal Cake

Homemade Batman and Batsignal Cake

I made this Batman and Batsignal cake for my son's 4th birthday. It is a home made sheet of yellow cake, spread with yellow buttercream icing and then covered with white fondant icing.

I then washed the cake with some blue paste food colour diluted with vodka. I then dyed some fondant grey and cut out the skyline and put it on the cake. It is outlined with black writing icing. The windows are made with yellow writing icing and some gold glitter stuck on.

I made the light for the bat signal with some buttercream icing topped with yellow sugar and some glitter. The batsignal itself is a round 6" chocolate cake cut at an angle and covered with yellow fondant. I used a Halloween bat cutter to make the bat out of black fondant.

My husband drew me a template for Batman himself which I then cut out of black and yellow fondant and stuck on the cake. The bat on Batman's top is drawn with a food writing pen and his eyes are done with silver lustre dust dabbed on with a toothpick.

Around the left side I did a smaller skyline of buildings and on the right is a batmobile cut out of black fondant. My son really adored his cake.

Batman Cake

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Cool cake but ...
by: Anonymous

Very cool looking cake, but Vodka?! in a 4 yr
olds cake??

by: Neenah

The Vodka is not actually in the cake! The paste food color is diluted with the vodka and the alcohol evaporates. You can't dilute it with water because the water would dissolve the fondant icing. The color mixture was then washed over the cake with a large pastry brush. It is totally flavorless and not at all boozy!!

by: Kris

I actually dilute my paste with water, Ive heard of using vodka but I'm a little fearful to put that on the cakes that I do. I generally decorate my cakes the night before the party, and Ive done cakes that were largely "painted" with water/paste mixture. They do take more time to "dry" I would think, but I have never had a problem with dissolving fondant.

by: Anonymous

I love this cake. Can you post a picture that I can print?

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Coolest Batman Birthday Cake 31

by Nikki
(Illinois, USA)

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

This year for my boyfriend's 21st birthday, I decided that I wasn't going to make the same old birthday cake. He loves Batman so I figured I would try my hand at making the Batman birthday cake.

The cake really isn't anything fancy just your everyday box yellow cake in a 9x11 pan with store bought tube frosting. Originally, I was going to stay on the safe side and just do a simple outline but I couldn’t find the attachment for the frosting that’s meant for writing. I did have the “star” attachment and figured I would either go big or go home.

Before I even got started I went online and found my favorite Batman symbol. Next I frosted the top of my cake with basic white frosting. I then took my frosting knife and gently traced out the outline of my design. After, I filled in the outline of the bat with my frosting by making small stars and then filled in the inside going from one side of the bat to the other in rows. The surrounding oval I actually did free hand!

This is my first attempt at any kind of special design and I am happy with the outcome, this has actually inspired me to look further into cake decorating as a hobby!

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Great job!
by: Gina

That's how it starts! I started when I was 18 and got a Wilton cake decorating set for graduation. My cakes were always more creative than professional, but were always well received.
I'd never taken a Wilton class till recently (at 53) and really enjoyed it. I've honed my skills and look forward to taking more classes now. Good luck in making it a new hobby for you!

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