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Coolest Miller Time Beer Can Cake

I was asked if I would make my favorite cousin in law a cake for her 4? birthday. I automatically knew what I wanted to do. She is a big Miller Light fan, and this party was going to be at a bar, so a big Miller Light beer can was perfect.

I thought this was going to be easy. I started with three 8″ round cakes. I cut each one in half, iced and doweled them so they would stay together.

I covered the cake with blue fondant and brushed it lightly with some silver to give it a metal look. I continued with my detail work for the rest of the can.

Next, time for the logo and I’d be done. I figured I could just have my local baker print me out a logo on edible paper and be done, but I was wrong. This is when I began to panic.

What was I going to do? The cake was going to be worthless without the logo.

Then, I got and idea. I remembered the edible sheets that Wilton sold. I bought red, blue, yellow, and white.  I printed the logo off the internet, sat down and for 4 hours used an exacto knife and cut out each color… VERY tedious work! I placed each cut out color together like a puzzle. I think it turned out better than a print out.

The last touch I added was edible glitter to give it the look of sweat on a can. Needless to say the birthday girl was extremely happy. Everyone was amazed at the detail. Just to see everyone’s reaction was worth all the time and effort.

Cool Cooler Cake

I made this Cooler Cake for my husbands birthday and it was a blast to make! I started with sheet cakes I baked and let the fun flow from there, I stacked them and covered them in icing and fondant and had some painting fun with my airbrush, but the most crazy fun and a couple burnt fingers later was making the Beer Bottles and Ice out of sugar!

Yep everything on the cake is edible even the labels on the bottle’s of beer which I named after a boat we used to have lol. I worked and worked on those bottles getting them just right and thought hey let me try and make some “ice” and some boiled sugar and aluminum foil later i finally got it! Everyone loved this cake so much and still want me to make it for their husbands lol

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