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Coolest Beer Bottle Cake 56

by Cyndy B.
(San Diego)

Homemade Beer Bottle Cake

Homemade Beer Bottle Cake

I made this Beer Bottle Cake for our friend's surprise birthday party. He's quite the beer connoisseur so I made this cake using his favorite beer as the idea.

There are actually quite a lot of recipes that use beer in the cake mix, but I was short on time and couldn't risk the cake tasting awful. I used a pudding cake recipe that was excellent - very moist (box cake that you modify a little to accommodate the pudding your adding to it). But I should've baked the cake at least a day or two in advance and froze it, since it was so moist it was falling apart as I was icing it.

I used 13x9 rectangle and 1 square cake pan (I had left overs for cupcakes too). The rectangle was for the bottom part of the bottle and the square I used for the spout part. Then I just shaped the cake accordingly. I covered in store box chocolate icing (already was the perfect shade to match the dark bottle) and made the labels from rice paper.

To make the labels, I soaked a real beer bottle in water over night then peeled off the labels. Then scanned the labels and ordered them on rice paper online. It was really easy and fast - got the labels in 2 days. This cake took me about 2 hours to make - and that's including the cooking time!

I think I could've done better, had I had more time. But it was a small impromptu party that I wanted to make special. Everyone loved the cake and not a piece was left!

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Great idea
by: Nancy B

Great job as usual! How did you ever think of doing the label on rice paper?

by: Anonymous

What is the name of the website you used for the rice paper?

5 stars for creativity!
by: Jil

It is so hard to choose between the pizza cake and this cake as a favorite. You need to enter a cake baking contest!

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Coolest Beer Bucket Cake 4

by Heather
(Chino Hills, Ca)

Homemade Beer Bucket Cake

Homemade Beer Bucket Cake

This Beer Bucket Cake is a 5 layer yellow cake with chocolate filling. I used 2- 8 inch rounds for the bottom and 3- 10 inch rounds for the upper layers. I froze the cakes overnight then shaved to create the bucket look. I covered the whole cake with fondant.

I used crushed graham crackers for the sand and candy for the beer bottles, and spilling beer. I also used the same candy mixture for the ice and the seashells. I made the bottle mold with a liquid silicone that I purchased at Micheal's for about 9 dollars. It was one of my first times using the candy mixture, but I think it turned out pretty good.

I printed the beer labels from a picture that I found on-line on photo paper then used buttercream frosting to "glue it to the bottles". I painted the bottle caps with Silver lusture and vodka mix as the vodka dries faster than water with the lusture and does not leave the candy sticky. The birthday boy loved it!

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by: Jo

This is Fantastic, the beer bottles are just genius. You must be proud of yourself, you should be.

by: Heather

Thank you, those things took forever, but it was worth it in the end.

Candy recipe
by: PeperMartin

I was wondering if you would share your candy recipe? to

by: Angie Cakes

I would also love your recipe for the beer bottles!

Bucket Silver Color
by: Anonymous

This is awesome. What did you use for the silver color fondant for the bucket?

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Coolest Beer Mug Cake 63

by Jeannette
(Stoke on Trent UK)

Homemade Beer Mug Cake

Homemade Beer Mug Cake

For this cake I baked 3 x 4" round sponge cakes. These were stacked on top of one another I then used butter icing and jam in between them. I then coated the cakes with spreadable icing leaving to dry over night. I used Teddy bear brown fondant icing for the sides of the glass and for the handle. The handle was made two days before the cake making sure that it was hard enough that it would keep its shape.

The top was made using ivory fondant icing with a small amount of brown dusting powder. This was then placed on the top of the glass and shaped. I marked out shapes in the icing using a teaspoon. This was then brushed with brown dusting powder. The board was covered using blue sugar paste with two circles marked out, this was piped around using a No2 nozzle.

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