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Coolest Ben10 Cake 5

by Kimberly
(Terrell, TX.)

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

This Ben 10 cake was a request from my son. He's 8. I am very much a rookie at this stuff though. So it is a chocolate fudge cake made from a box mix. I add almost 8 oz to the cake plus a small amount of corn syrup to make it extra moist and it's really yum.

I also brush on boiled water and sugar for even more moistness. It's an alternative for the already made dry cake. { 2 6in" round for top 2 10" round for bottom }feeds a lot, I mean a lot.

Filling - instant chocolate pudding, a container of cool whip and some chocolate frosting all mixed up and it's thick but light {don't add the milk required in the pudding though}.

Frosting - Usually for chocolate I buy Betty Crocker or something only because this cake was handmade marshmallow fondant witch was fun and a first . So it was covered .

Now I had to dye the fondant while it was still hot, a mix of yellow and green for the lime Ben 10 color.

I made accents, dyed them later. I usually draw all my cake plans on paper first to get an idea. Now for the decorations, just bought a Ben 10 guy, and used a 32 tip for the border {again a can of frosting I think vanilla). I made a fbct { frozen transfer for the Ben 10 words, you can google that to find out how to do that. I recommend always use canned for that because it peels off easier. My homemade buttercream smeared badly on one cake.

It was a huge hit. I had another boy at the party request the same for his birthday .

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by: Anonymous

how much is this cake?

Ben 10 Cake
by: Elrene

This is a really cool Ben10 cake, you can be proud. if you have made any more ben10 cakes afer this one, post them!

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Coolest Ben10 Birthday Cake Design 37

by Carol
(South Africa)

Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake Design

My son was turning 4 and couldn’t choose between a Spiderman or Ben 10 theme. So we decided to combine them. I needed a cake which would combine both so I decided to do a Spiderman layer on the bottom and a Ben 10 omnitrix on top. This could really be adapted to any two superheroes with a little imagination!

The bottom layer is a square sponge cake, covered with plain white plastic icing. I then piped the black spiderweb with black buttercream icing. I bought the Spiderman figures made out of icing at a local baking goods store. I then coloured the plastic icing red and blue and rolled it into a “worm” shape to put around the bottom. This was quite tricky and didn’t come out as thin or uniform as I would have liked. Maybe just piping buttercream stars in the two colours would have worked better.

The top layer (the Omnitrix – Ben’s watch) – I baked a round sponge and covered the sides with grey tinted plastic icing. I traced a picture of the omnitrix onto baking paper and then placed it on the top of a sheet of plastic icing to get the dimensions right. I just pricked a pin through the baking paper all along the lines to give me a line to follow when cutting plastic icing to size. I actually used a pizza cutter to cut the plastic icing and this worked well.

The final touch of the Ben 10 Birthday Cake Design was putting a small figurine of my son’s favorite Ben 10 alien on top of the watch.

This cake was a huge hit and tons of fun to make.

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