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Coolest BEN 10 Wildmutt Cake

by Rochelle P.
(Perth, WA - Australia)

Homemade Ben 10 - Wildmutt Cake

Homemade Ben 10 - Wildmutt Cake

I made this Ben 10 Wildmutt cake for my nephew Hudson's 4th Birthday. I made two Madeira slab cakes. I froze the cakes after baking as its easier to cut around the shape with a frozen cake as it doesn't crumble and hence no crumbs in the icing.

I found a colouring picture of Wildmutt. I black and white photocopied him and enlarged him around 300%, the pattern doesn't all fit on one sheet so you just have to paste a few pages together to get the full body.

I than traced the pattern onto baking paper, and any smaller sections like his mouth and teeth where also traced on separate sheets.

I pinned that pattern to the slab cake with skewers and proceeded to cut the main body shape. I sectioned off the small different colours (mouth/claws)with the baking paper pattern and iced the body orange (I forgot the orange food colouring so had to use red and yellow and mix together).

I piped the claws with grey icing and piping nozzle 18 so it stood out a little more and made the teeth white and mouth red. Once all the colours were done, I than outlined the whole cake in black icing so he was more defined.

I didn't cut around the inside of his leg as I thought the cake might crumble to much so I piped a small amount of white icing between his legs to give it the effect.

The result: a happy baker/decorator and stoked Birthday boy!

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Great Job!
by: Audy Fadako

Wildmutt turned out so great. My son loves Ben 10 and would have been blown away by your cake!

Would you consider making another one??
by: Anonymous

My son has his 4th birthday coming up on the 21st of April. He is a Ben 10 fanatic. I'm not much of a baker and have rung around for 'Ben 10' style cakes and its not what I want. YOUR CAKE is what I am looking for. I would pay you if you could make the cake again... please.

Thats fantastic!!
by: Sharon Davis

Well Done!! You're an asset that's for sure.
my son is turning 6 and i am going to endeavor to do this cake for him as its exactly what he wants. Thank you so very much for putting up how you did it. I hope mine comes out half as good!!

by: Meika

You truely have a knack for cake decorating! Its better than professional! I'm after a Ben 10 cake for my lil boys 5th birthday, do you take orders or make for other people?, I would pay what ever you think is fair.

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Coolest Ben 10 Cake 10

by Craig B.
(Barrow in Furness, Cumbria , UK)

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

This is my first ever attempt at making a cake which was for my son's birthday, and he is Ben 10 mad. I wanted a cake which could supply all his school classmates so this is my effort at it.

I made a chocolate spongecake cake in 2 square tins. I then halved the sponges and filled them with chocolate buttercream icing.

I then decided on a design for my Ben 10 character and cut the sponge cake into the shape for the Ben 10 character. I then covered the spongecake in fondant icing which I coloured for for the appropriate body parts, ( green for his legs, white for his T shirt etc ).

I then finished the Ben 10 figure off with a paint brush and licorice flavouring for the fine detail to his face etc. As the cake was going to be taken to my son's school I made 30 fairy cakes and topped them with a head shape of my son's favourite Ben 10 alien, these being Heatblast and Four arms, the icing was coloured red and yellow etc for the different alien,

The best thing about this experience in making the Ben 10 cake was seeing my son's face light up with all his school mates when the cake was brought out in his class!

I must say it made me one proud DAD!

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by: Neenah, London, UK

What an amazing cake! It looks fantastic and I am sure your son was thrilled. I love all the detail you went to. Lucky little boy!

by: fruitty

Did u say DAD? WOW!
Did you make it yourself? If you did, well I take my hat off to you. Nice concept and nice try. Keep it up.

job well done !!
by: Anonymous

awesome....hope i do half as good a job as you, very well done!!

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Coolest Ben 10 Cake 11

by Neenah
(London, UK)

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

This Ben 10 cake was for a 5 year old's birthday. I started with a 13 x 9 chocolate cake made from scratch. I then covered it with chocolate buttercream icing and froze it to firm up. I then covered it in rolled out white fondant (sugarpaste).

I downloaded a Ben 10 image from the internet and used this as my template for the cake. I first coloured the cake using diluted paste food colours - a black, green and yellow/green colour. I cut out all of the Ben 10 figure from different coloured fondants that I had coloured myself (except for the hair, which is chocolate fondant). For his mouth I used a brown food pen. I was a bit disappointed with the eyes, they were a bit goggley.

To make the Ben 10 lettering, I mixed green and yellow fondants to give the graduated effect and cut out the letters. To make the black shapes on the 10, I used black fondant and a flower shape cutter and a drinking straw.

On the side of the cake I put the boy's name and age in the "Ben 10" style lettering.

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Ben 10 Cake
by: Patricia

Hi, thank you for sharing your idea of Ben 10 cake , My son is turning 4yrs next week and he asked for a Ben 10 theme party however financially I am unable to get all the decor but would love to make the Ben 10 cake,

I want to know if I mix the melted chocolate with buttericing and freeze will it be like a marzipan type where I can roll it and cover on the cake?

To get black icing which food colouring do I use?

Your response will highly appreciated.


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