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Coolest Betty Boop Birthday Cake 8

by Wendy H
(Lowestoft, Suffolk, England)

Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake

Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake

I made this Betty Boop Birthday Cake by using a 10 inch square chocolate cake for the bottom tier and a 7 inch square sponge cake, set at an angle for the top. I placed the bottom cake on a 14 inch cake drum and placed the 7 inch cake on to a 7 inch cake board (prior to icing) Both cakes were attached to their boards and each other with royal icing.

I iced both cakes and board with white sugar paste and then attached the ribbon with royal icing. Prior to attaching the red ribbon to the cakes and board, I glued a thin piece of black ribbon to the centre of the red ribbon.

I cut 3 different sizes of heart shape out of red and black sugar paste and stuck these with sugar glue randomly all over each of the cakes. I only used small hearts to cover the board .

About a week before making the cakes, I cut some small hearts out of red and black sugar paste, that I had added gum tragacanth to in order to help them set. I attached wire to these hearts and once set I put them into a white cake pick along with some red and black feathers that I had purchased from a craft shop. I then pushed the heart and feather cake topper into the top tier and placed a Betty Boop ornament just in front, the ornament was attached with royal icing.

This is a very quick and easy way to make a Betty Boop cake, yet also very striking.

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brilliant !
by: Emma Lee

i love it ! really brilliant to angle the tiers i may just use that myself ! it looks brilliant . xx

by: janet

the cake is fantastic, could you please let me know where i could get a Betty boop like the one you used , my partner is french and he loves Betty boop and i would like to do a sponge cake for his birthday and would love to know where you got the betty boop from.

regards Janet

by: Liz

I love it!!!! very cool Betty boop cake!

by: Wendy H

Thanks for all your comments. I hadn't realized anyone had commented (thought I'd have got an email). Janet, I got the figurine on line at either Ebay or Amazon, it was brand new (hope my response it not too late). W

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Coolest Betty Boop Cake 12

by Andrea
(Holly Ridge, NC )

Homemade  Betty Boop Cake

Homemade Betty Boop Cake

I made this Betty Boop Cake for a family friend’s birthday. She loved it so much that she cried.

I baked a standard yellow cake from a store bought mix, in a 13x9 pan. I cut a heart out of construction paper and placed it over the top of them cake side-ways. Cut the heart out of the cake using the paper as a guide. I then used an edible ink marker to outline the hair curls and out lined it in black icing. I started with the hair first but soon realized I shouldn't have because the icing started to run and mix with the pink skin and red heart but it was a easy fix and no one noticed it anyways.

I used store bought whipped icing dyed the appropriate colors, starting with the hair like I said and then the face. I saved the heart for last, applying the icing with different tips depending on the area needing to be iced. Then spread the icing around with an icing knife. Also used toothpicks in the tighter areas. The only thing that I was disappointed over was the lips didn’t turn out the way I wanted them.

I used a picture I found on the web as a point of reference and the neck line and the lips ran together in the pic so that is what I did on the cake but it looked funny. But everyone at the birthday party said it looked great and I have 2 more cakes to do for other parties because of it.

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