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Coolest Betty Boop Birthday Cake 10

by Emma L.

Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake

Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake

Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake
Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake
Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake

Hi my name is Emma Lee and I made this Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake for my nan ! < she loves Betty Boop and this is the second Betty I have made her, my other Betty is the one in bed also on here. I got the inspiration from a figure of Betty my nan had fallen in love with of her bathing in a glass.

I hand carved Betty herself out of sugar paste (fondant icing (ready to roll pack) can buy in all supermarkets) mixed with tylo powder which strengthens and sets it. She is set in piping jelly, also tastes like icing, that looks like the champagne. I did it 12" square covered in black icing, hand molded the lips but used cutters for the hearts stuck with edible glue .

Also you need to put dowels into the bottom tier to support the weight of Betty, all that sugar paste is quite heavy. The top is an 8" circle, covered in black fondant with red strips and white strips hand cut and stuck with edible glue again. The sparkler affect, hearts and lips at the rear of Betty are also sugar paste on metallic wire (purchased from any cake shop). The 80 also on the wire , bought as polystyrene and hand glitter (best to use edible glitter).

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Betty Boop Cake 2

by Kassandra
(Hoover, AL)

Betty Boop Cake

Betty Boop Cake

I made this Betty Boop cake for a lady at work. This was for her daughter's birthday. Her daughter loves Betty Boop and she wanted a small cake to feed three. So, I made this 8x8 cake. Very simple to decorate.

All icing is buttercream recipe. I iced the cake with white buttercream icing. I then free handed this picture of Betty Boop I found on the internet. I outlined with black icing and filled in the picture with different star tips, 14,16, and 18. The black and green part of her eyes I used tip #3 to fill those in. Several icing colors were used.

I tinted her skin with peach icing. Go easy on this color it can get dark quick. It only required a small amount. Her hair,eyebrows, and eyelashes are chocolate buttercream tinted with black coloring (easiest way to get black icing quick without using a ton of coloring).

Her earrings and bracelets are tinted with golden yellow. Her lips and the border of the cake are of course red tinted icing. I used a shell border on the bottom of the cake and a reverse shell border on the top. These both were done with star tip#21. I thought this was cute and quick to decorate

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so cute
by: Elizabeth

This is really a cute cake. Keep up the good work.

Betty Boop cake
by: Keisha

It's very cute! I like!

I want it !!!
by: Ellen

I really love your cake it's adorable!

by: Anonymous

it's good but why is she naked?

So Cute
by: Anonymous

I love this cake

i love
by: chanese

I love this so much I wish I could have one made for my 16 b-day cause I also love Betty Boop.

by: Kelly

That cake looks great I love Betty Boop and I wish I could have one for my 11th b-day

I love it
by: kelsey jones

HI! I love your cake I think it's VERY VERY PRETTY. My name is Kelsey Jones I'm a BIG fan of Betty boop and when I saw this cake it was like WOW! You did excellent. THANK YOU LOVE YOUR CAKE

hi betty boo
by: Anonymous

You have a lot of fans so I will like to become your fan

by: Anonymous


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Coolest Betty Boop Birthday Cake 9

by Jacky

Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake

Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake

This Betty Boop Birthday Cake was for my granddaughter's 10th birthday as she loves Betty Boop. The cakes are chocolate sponge layered with chocolate buttercream. I coat the cakes with a good layer of buttercream all over before covering with the sugarpaste which I roll out to 5mm using guides.

I purchased the Betty Boop figurine which was my inspiration for the rest of the cake. I used a bright red to colour the lower level sugarpaste, this takes some time colouring 1 kilo of paste. I used silicone heart molds for the hearts using black coloured paste which was some of the paste left over from covering the top cake. I then cut out stars painted them gold and placed a red rose again made using silicone rose molds from left over paste from covering the bottom tier.

Topped off with the figurine and then added bubbles to look like they have spilt over the side of the glass and ribbon placed around the base of each cake. The cakes were a 10 inch base and 6 inch top tier.

I make cakes for friends and family as a hobby. I usually bake the cakes one evening and then ice and decorate the next.

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Betty Boo Cake
by: Steve Cunningham

That cake looks great and using a professional figurine really make it look good.

Well done and this has given me some other thoughts on my designs. i usually try and make my figuirnes and comical ones are OK but cant do real people or recognizable people.


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