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Coolest Bolt Cake

by Barb
(Alberta Canada)

Homemade Bolt Cake

Homemade Bolt Cake

I made three Brown Sugar pound cakes in cookie sheets. Then froze them for about 3 hours (after they had completely cooled at room temperature). Then I iced them together and got a Bolt picture from the internet and enlarged it and cut it out. I put the Bolt picture on top of the cakes and cut around it.

The cookie sheet was a little bit too small so I had to cut the ear out from one of the scraps and ice it on. I then put a scratch coat of icing on and froze the cake for 12 hrs. I placed it on a upside down cookie sheet that I had baked it in. But it was too big to fit on the inverted cookie pan so I used my daughter's Barbie doll bath tub to hold the ear up. That's the part of pink you can see beside the ear.

I then iced the Bolt cake according to the picture from the internet. I used my own butter cream icing recipe and it took 5 batches for me to have enough icing. It was surprisingly easy and fun. It did take a lot of time though but my daughter who was turning 3 loved it.

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by: Anonymous

Oh so awesome! Great job! Cute, cute, cute!

bolt cake
by: Lori

That is awesome. You did a wonderful job! I'm doing a bolt cake for my son for his part in less then 2 weeks. His whole theme is Bolt. Hes turning two and LOVES the movie. Great job again. Very creative!

Cake Pan
by: Anonymous

what pan did you use?

by: Anonymous

I just used a cookie sheet. I didn't have a pan I cut it out by hand.

very cool!
by: Kris

Thanks for this idea. Just the inspiration I needed. I'm planning on using a lighter cake (like funfetti), but your idea of freezing should work nicely for this way as well.

where did you find the bolt picture?
by: Anonymous

your cake is awesome...trying to find the picture you used for Bolt and did you blow it up/enlarge it? thanks!

Bolt Cake
by: A Miller, Minden, Louisiana

Great job. I couldn't find a bolt cake pan
anywhere. I had already found the bolt coloring page. Good idea to enlarge it. I am going to
make a base cake so that I will have enough
to feed everyone. Wish me luck! I will post it when I am done. Thanks for the idea!

My 2 year old loves it!
by: Anonymous

Really cute!!

how to enlarge
by: Anonymous

How did you enlarge the picture from the internet. I used regular printing paper size and when I print it, it's too small.

Love your bolt cake!
by: Daina, Alberta Canada

I absolutely love your bolt cake. I'm going to try this for my daughters 5th birthday in three days! Thanks so much for your wonderful idea!

love it
by: Anonymous

i want one

by: Rose

I loved!!!

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Coolest Bolt Cake 3

by Cheryl H.
(Chaska, MN)

Homemade Bolt Cake

Homemade Bolt Cake

I made this homemade Bolt cake for my great-nephew's birthday.

To make a "Bolt" cake:

1. Go online and get a picture of Bolt that will work for a sheet cake. Print the picture and then take it to a copy store and blow it up to fit your cake board (Mine is 11 x 17).

2. Make an 11 x 15 sheet cake or two 9 x 13 cakes.

3. Place cake on cake board. Cut out picture of Bolt and lay on top. Cut around shape of Bolt.

4. Crumb coat cake with buttercream frosting. Put in refrigerator for at least 2 hours (I do overnight).

5. Roll out white fondant and cover cake. Use edible black marker at eyes, mouth, legs, and toes. Use fingers to make indents at marker lines and also at neck and ear lines.

6. Using photocopy, make eyes, nose, and bolt out of black fondant. Cut 1/4" strip of black fondant for collar. Make ear insets out of pink fondant. Make name tag out of gold fondant. Tack in place with small brush of water.

7. Make bone out of left-over cake, if desired.

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Coolest Bolt Birthday Cake 2

by Amanda M.
(Minden, Louisiana)

Homemade Bolt Birthday Cake

Homemade Bolt Birthday Cake

This Bolt Birthday Cake was so much fun to make. I could not find a Bolt Cake Pan anywhere. So I looked on and there was only one Bolt Cake. I used her idea and searched the internet until I found a good coloring page of Bolt. I blew it up and printed it. I then cut Bolt out.

I baked (2) 10X14 sheet cakes and let them cool. I placed one on top of the other and placed my large cut out of Bolt on top. Then I used a knife and cut the shape of Bolt into the cake on top only, not the bottom base cake.

Then I traced the lightning bolt in black first, then the collar and his face and ears. Then I piped the rest of Bolt and the base cake. I made all Wilton cream cheese icing. This was for my son's 6th birthday. He wanted Bolt's body and not just his face. He loved it!

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Coolest Bolt Cake 4

by Stephanie M.

Homemade Bolt Cake

Homemade Bolt Cake

My daughter loved Bolt when she turned two, so for her birthday I made her a Bolt cake out of three simple 8'' round cakes. I used the first two slimmer cakes for the main head of Bolt to make the cake layered. Then used the remaining cake (which was thicker) to cut out two ears, two eyebrows, and a nose. The rest of it was just iced and the white was fluffed to make it look furry.

She loved it almost as much as the stuffed version she got that day! And it was enough to feed about a dozen people.

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