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Coolest Bratz Cake 41

by Amy Parker
(Canberra, Australia)

Bratz Cake

Bratz Cake

I made this Bratz cake as a joke for a friend's 24th birthday. I thought it would be nice to have "one of those doll cakes we used to have when we were kids"! I thought by using a Bratz doll it would modernize it!

I baked an ordinary chocolate mud cake in a pudding-shaped glass bowl, let it cool completely, turned it upside-down on my foil-covered tray, then cut a hole through the middle of the cake, from the top right through to the bottom and placed the doll inside the cake. *Tip: Be prepared to pull the doll's legs off if the doll is taller than the cake! I didn't have the heart to ruin a perfectly good doll, so I had to increase the icing thickness! Always best to have the cake much taller than the doll!

Next I made some fondant icing (made it myself with glucose etc - as I think it tastes better), coloured it red, then rolled it out so that it was a bit wider in diameter than the cake, cut a hole in the middle, then draped it over the doll and arranged the icing until it looked nice. I used the left over icing to make the bodice and then decorated it with silver cachous.

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nice cake
by: Anonymous

that is a beautiful cake

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Bratz Cake

by Kathleen
(Harrisburg, Oregon)

For my daughter?s sixth birthday she wanted a Bratz birthday cake. I did not have much money so I just grabbed one of her Bratz dolls and took of the feet. For the cake I have a very big metal mixing bowl that I used for the dress and five little cup cakes for the bumps on the top of the dress. And for the little cake in the front I used six little cup cakes. I used two cake mixes. It was really hard to get the dress to cook right. I had no instructions so I just had to guess on how long to cook it. For the dress frosting I used a fondant, witch I also used that to make the present that the Bratz doll is holding. I do not recommend using that kind of frosting for a bunch of little kids, they all just pealed it off of the cake and ate the cake only. I did us regular icing for the six little cup cakes though, witch they all loved.

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Coolest Bratz Rock Birthday Cake 45

by Cheryl
(Malvern, AR)

Homemade Bratz Rock Birthday Cake

Homemade Bratz Rock Birthday Cake

I started by surfing the web for ideas for a Bratz Rock birthday cake. I took several designs and combined what I like in each. Nonny, (or grandma to most) wanted to make it and did all the hard work. The cake is made from Duncan Hines cake mix into a 12 inch round on the bottom. A 10 inch round was then cut in half and double stacked to make the stage. A couple of tooth picks were used between the layers for supports.

And the Bratz girls were purchased. Everything else was done out of decorator's icing. My 6 year old was in heaven! We also made lip shaped cookies to go with them. For activities I drew a large Bratz girl and the girls played Stick the lips on the Bratz girl, in place of pin the tail on the donkey! We also did a treasure hunt that was a total blast watching them figure out the clues and run to find them! Hope the ideas help someone!

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great job
by: wanda livingston

I'm so proud of you. You all did a wonderful job.
Congratulations on getting on the coolest birthday cakes. Thanks for the pictures.
love ya,

Life Saver!!
by: Sue

Thanks so much for posting a picture of your great cake! I was looking for something to make for my daughter's 7 birthday which would not involve me trying to model a Bratz head out of icing (I can't imagine what it would have looked like!). Your cake is just perfect and I am going to make it this weekend - thanks again...

by: Ashley Armstead

Thank You for posting a photo of this cake! I'm planning my niece's 8th Birthday Starring Bratz. Looking forward to making this one. Thank you so much, your indeed a Life Saver

Cheyenne 11
by: Anonymous

Cheyenne 11 happy birthday January 8:00

ask ?
by: ashey

how much ur cake here? bratz 45?

Doll toppers
by: Anonymous

Love the cake. I want to make it for my daughters 5th birthday. Where did you find the little brat dolls for the top/stage?

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