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Bridal Shower Cake

by Lisa Bauman
(Laconia, NH)

2 tier Bridal Shower Cake

2 tier Bridal Shower Cake

I made this lifted-tier cake for the bridal shower of my friend's daughter. It was a chocolate sour cream marble cake (from 'Chocolate From The Cake Mix Doctor' book by Anne Byrne; the sour cream made it deliciously moist).

A cake decorator friend clued me in NOT to refrigerate my buttercream, but to make it fresh. I baked the cake the day before & iced it with fresh buttercream the morning of the shower. After the buttercream formed a slight crust, I used a non-patterned paper towel (Viva) & a fondant smoother to 'iron' my cake gently in a circular motion, first on the top and then around the sides of the cake. It worked great & was so simple! I used satin ribbon (from a craft store) and secured it in the back with a straight pin. Because the buttercream had a slight crust, the ribbon slipped around the cake beautifully & stayed grease-free!

I used a swag template (available at a cake decorating supply store) & a #87 Wilton tip to make the ruffled swags. I used royal icing flowers at the top of each swag & piped green leaves.( I haven't had a lot of practice working with royal icing, so I purchased ready-made flowers from the cake deco supply store!)

A florist created the fresh flower cake topper & included extra flowers for me to arrange on the separator plate. Though they don't show up in the photo, cake sparkles completed the top tier.

The guests really seemed to enjoy this cake which, in turn, blessed me!

~Soli de Gloria

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Coolest Bridal Shower Cake 21

by Catherine R.
(East Hampton, CT USA)

Homemade Bridal Shower Cake

Homemade Bridal Shower Cake

This was my Bridal Shower cake made for a special bride.

The cake was made with two round cake pans. A layer of buttercream frosting was spread before stacking the two cakes. I then frosted the entire cake. I rolled out a large circle of white marshmallow fondant and draped it over the top of cake, leaving it to flow out and away from the cake's edge. I then smoothed the top to get rid of air pockets.

I then rolled out fondant, colored to match the bride's color scheme for her wedding. I cut out square shapes, 1.5" sq, for napkins. If you can, find out the bride's actual napkin fold selection for the wedding reception.

This fold was made by folding the square into a triangle. With the open point of the triangle at the top, I folded each corner to slightly past the center mark of the bottom edge. I flipped the front half of the top point downwards. I then set the napkins aside to harden.

I cut out round dinner plates and round side plates. The rolls were rolled fondant and the tiny butter florets were buttercream. For the centerpiece, if you can find out the flowers the bride selected, that would be perfect; otherwise, make your own creation out of fondant.

The wine glasses were tricky; they were made from the marshmallow fondant but tiny plastic glasses would do. My entire cake was edible!

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by: criska

This is the most creative cake I've ever seen. I will save the instructions for a special event. thank you for sharing both the picture and instructions. incredible !!!

Innovation & Beautiful
by: AmyQueen

What a creative and original idea! Customizing the colors, napkins, flowers & place settings makes it unique to each bride/wedding. Your attention to each detail was impressive. Have you considered submitting it for publications or contests? It's something you don't see and is something new and different in the cake world, and that can be a very good thing! Just a thought.

Yes...this IS the 'coolest' bridal shower cake
by: Patti

I was searching through seemingly thousands of bridal cake ideas, and then I came across yours!! Wow! I have a fetish for miniature things anyway, and this is PERFECT for an upcoming bridal shower. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. I can hardly wait to make my version of this.

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Coolest Bridal Shower Umbrella Cake 23

by Karen Underdahl
(Huntington, Arkansas)

Bridal Shower Umbrella

Bridal Shower Umbrella

This cake was for a bridal shower for my daughter's friend. I baked the umbrella with a Wilton 18" half round pan. I baked it in 3 narrow layers so I could fill it easier. I used the white wedding cake recipe and filled it strawberry cream. It is frosted in strawberry flavored buttercream, tinted pink. Using a tooth pick I "drew" the umbrella shape, then used white buttercream and piped sotas on the top. I used white royal icing to make the scallops at the bottom. (I made these ahead of time so they would set up hard) I used tic tacs to define the edges and each section of the umbrella. The roses are at the top are made from gum paste and I piped in the leaves when I added the green trim on the bottom sides. Also, on the side of the cake is a green polka dot ribbon that the bride wanted to tie in with her shower favors. The handle of the umbrella was made out of a wooden dowel, painted and wrapped with pink and green 1/8" ribbon.

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how many servings
by: bakin' mama

gorgeous cake! i am wondering how many this served? i was asked to make a similar cake for 100-125 people and am trying to gage the size so i can detearmine a price. also if u don't mind, how much did u charge? thanks so much!

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