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Coolest Bumblebee Cupcakes with Hive Cake 39

by Emily
(Raleigh, North Carolina)

Homemade Bumblebee Cupcakes with Hive Cake

Homemade Bumblebee Cupcakes with Hive Cake

Homemade Bumblebee Cupcakes with Hive Cake
Homemade Bumblebee Cupcakes with Hive Cake
Homemade Bumblebee Cupcakes with Hive Cake

For my daughter's 2nd birthday, I made a hive cake with mini-cupcake bumblebees around it. I baked the hive using a regular yellow cake mix and splitting half of the batter into a 8" metal bowl and the other half into a 8" spring form pan. I baked it at 350 degrees for 35 minutes (regular pan was done, but bowl needed 10-15 more minutes).

For the cupcakes, I made a second batch of yellow cake mix and divided half the batter into 3 mini-cupcake pans, baked for 14 minutes, let them cool slightly then removed the baked cupcakes to a wire rack. I then baked the remaining cake batter using the same pans. It yielded 72 mini-cupcakes.

The hive cake was frosted with 2 cans of white icing that I dyed with food coloring to a light brown. I used 6 red drops, 8 yellow drops, and 3 blue drops per can. I then added mini chocolate chips in an oval shape for the opening of the hive. I found some wooden bees at a craft store that I glued to toothpicks and inserted on the hive.

For the mini-cupcakes, I used 1 can of white icing and dyed it yellow with 30 drops of yellow food coloring. I made the stripes with chocolate cookie icing (so that it would harden as it dried). I added Whoppers for the heads, and mini chocolate chips for the stingers.

I had so much fun making these Bumblebee Cupcakes with Hive Cake for my daughter. She and my son really enjoyed the bees. It was nice to have the mini-cupcakes for the kids at the party and the hive cake to cut into slices for the adults.

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Coolest Buzzy Bee Birthday Cake 24

by Deb
(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Homemade Buzzy Bee Birthday Cake

Homemade Buzzy Bee Birthday Cake

This homemade Buzzy Bee birthday cake was made for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I was after a large cake design to feed about 50 people and couldn't find one that I liked or was big enough so I made my own.

I used 3 standard size round cake tins and 1 bar/loaf tin and made 2 butter cakes and 2 chocolate cakes but you could make whatever flavour cake you like. I shaped one of the round cakes to an oval shape to make the head, rounded the corners of the loaf tin for the body and just sliced a piece off each of the last 2 round cakes so that they sat flush against the body when iced.

I iced the head and body together with yellow coloured butter/Vienna cream icing and then laid strips of wide licorice straps across the body and reaching down to the cake board on both sides for the black stripes. I then iced the cut section of each "wing" in white Vienna cream icing before positioning them against the body to make a nice finish and to help it "stick" together properly.

Final stage was to finish off the icing of the wings in white Vienna cream and sprinkle them with desiccated coconut. Eyes were made with a half white marshmallow with a round cut piece of licorice on top. Also v-shaped licorice piece for the stinger and pipe cleaners for the antennae.

For a nice touch, the cake board had a big pink flower on it so it looked like the bee was sitting on the flower. Her eyes were like saucers when she saw it. It was a hit with everyone!

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Buzzy Bee cake
by: Renee

What a hit - it looks awesome and tasted fantastic too. The icing was perfect. Great job Deb - what are you doing later in the year when my daughter turns 3?!?!?!

" The Best" Buzzy Bee
by: Donna

Great job - The cake is simple enough that many Mums (or Dads) could reproduce with a little bit of time, love and effort for their own children's parties. It looked so good and tasted even better.

Buzzy Bee
by: Anonymous

Wow that is a beautiful cake! I might try to do something like this for my son's first birthday, he loves that show the Hive. Thanks for sharing!

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