My daughter and I came up with this Buttterlies cake design, two butterflies in a flower garden after I realized I did not own a large enough round cake pan to simply make one big butterfly for her 4th birthday party!

The base is a half sheet cake, frosted green and with the tufts of grass at the sides and flowers on top added using decorating tips. The dark purple butterfly is made from two heart-shaped cakes (I have a pair of heart pans); a teardrop shape is cut out of the lower side of one heart so the two hearts nest together, and the butterfly’s body is simply a thick line of frosting laid down on top with a star decorating tip.

The pink butterfly is made from a round pan, cut in half, notches cut from the straight sides, and then the halves placed with curved sides to the middle. The body (frosted black) is the teardrop cut out of the other butterfly! The antennae are fruit-flavored licorice candy supported by toothpicks, and the patterns on the wings are decorating sugar and edible glitter.

In order to frost the bottoms of the butterfly wings where they extended past the base cake, I melted some frosting in the microwave and dipped the edge of the cake (like a petite four); then placed it on top of the base and frosted the top and sides. Putting this all together took me all day but my daughter and I were both thrilled with the result!