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Coolest Homemade Butterfly Cake 117

by Stacey D.
(Festus, MO)

Homemade Butterfly Cake

Homemade Butterfly Cake

I made this homemade Butterfly cake for my birthday. I love the color yellow and butterflies, so I decided to incorporate both of them into my cake. It is a two layer 6 in cake. I doctored up a white cake mix with lemon pudding and a few extra ingredients (I found this enhanced cake mix recipe on another website) and instead of vanilla extract I used lemon extract. It has a lemon pudding filling and lemon cream icing.

I stacked my two layers and filled them with the pudding but I had to put dowel rods into the top of the cake as the filling made it move around a lot when I was trying to crumb coat the cake. I had originally intended to try a new technique called the petal technique but it just wasn’t working for me due to the fact that that it was a little too warm in my house and the icing wasn’t holding it’s shape very well so I opted to use my Wilton 1M tip and make stars but it ended up looking kind of like ruffles. It turned out much better than I planned.

About 5 days before I decorated the cake I used my Cricut cake machine to cut out the butterflies and the letter S. I used gum paste for this. It was the first time I had used gum paste. The butterflies bent a bit and put into an old (clean) egg carton to dry so it looked like they were flying.

The cake tasted wonderful and I was very happy with the way it turned out even though it wasn’t my original vision.

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Coolest Butterfly 1st Birthday Cake 80

by Melanie L.
(Decatur, AL US)

Homemade  Butterfly 1st Birthday Cake

Homemade Butterfly 1st Birthday Cake

This Butterfly 1st Birthday Cake was for my daughter's 1st birthday. I had found the cutest plates and cups with butterflies on them, but could not find a butterfly cake pan so I made my own. I used 2 8-inch rounds, 2 6-inch rounds, and a small loaf pan (this was a LOT of cake!)

After baking, cooling, and leveling the cakes, it was time to decorate! I put the loaf pan in the center for the body, the 2 8-inch rounds were placed on either side to create the top part of the wings, and the 6-inch rounds were placed below for the bottom of the wings. I used a variety of colors - pink, purple, orange, yellow and green.

I piped the icing all over with Wilton star tips - #16 & #18 (I think). I piped the body purple, then the bulk of it was pink. I just randomly made small circles with the other colors to complete the wings. This was the largest cake I had ever made - up to then. I made another one later for a friend's daughter, it had more pastel colors, but otherwise it was the same. I have made many, many cakes since then, but I think this one has always been my favorite.

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butterfly cake
by: linda

very pretty cake. going to bake it for a little girl I babysit for her 7th birthday.

by: Charlene

What a gorgeous cake!! I'm going to try in for my daughter's 1st birthday.

could you tell me what icing recipe you used please?

by: Nicole

The cake is beautiful and I am hoping to make it, but I was wondering do you know how much cake batter it took for the 4 rounds and loaf pan? Thanks and again great work!

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Butterfly Cake 46

by Jackie Holland
(New Johnsonville, TN)

Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Cake

This butterfly cake was prepared using Wilton's Butterfly Cake Pan and then freehand etched the design. I used #3 and #16 tips with lemon yellow, orange, black, and leaf green colors, but of course the color scheme can be changed for other species or just because....

The colors was mixed with traditional Buttercreme Icing, while the Black was tinted Chocolate Buttercreme. This particular cake was chocolate fudge with a caramel filling. Which I am sure will be as delicious as it was beautiful.

This cake was a surprise birthday gift for a friend that breeds monarchs and grows the plants that they feed off of. The cake was simple to ice, being that each and every Monarch pattern is different, so a mistake in conformity is totally acceptable.

This was the first time I had ever tried any type of butterfly, and I was very pleased with the end result!!!

I encourage everyone to try this design!! And, being as how I found this website while looking for ideas, I thought it would be fitting for me to also submit my cake.

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by: Kim

This cake looks beautiful, and not that hard to make. I plan to bake it for my son's sixth birthday party, with a nature theme.

My birthday it next Sunday
by: Diana R.

Love butterfly

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