Cake by Stan H., Visalia, CA

This is a yellow cake made with red buttercream for the sauce and light brown buttercream for the dough crust. The cheese was made from cut up pieces of fondant. The pepperonis were made from fondant also.

Thanks to the many cake decorating tips on this site I managed to create this cake!

Cake by Joy S., Bridgewater, VA

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

I made this cake for a birthday party for a couple of my friends because pizza is one of those things that we seem to enjoy everywhere we go. I baked the cake in an actually pizza pan (lined with foil I think) and Dominoes let me have one of their pizza boxes.

The cake decorating tips I mostly got from other people on this site. Olives-melting chocolates made into circles and pepperonis-fruit roll-ups (the dollar store ones didn’t have the tattoos on them so they worked best). I just traced a lid that I thought was about the right size with a knife, cheese-shaved white and yellow melting chocolates (the green peppers were actually my idea). They were the "rinds" of fruit slices that I just cut off. You just got to find a bag with lots of green ones in it.

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

Cake by Jeannine R., Eugene, OR

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

Save a pizza box from a local pizza restaurant or ask if you could buy one to use. To make the crust use one box Yellow Cake Mix with eggs oil and water necessary to prepare as directed. Bake in extra large cake pan be sure to use parchment paper on the bottom to keep the cake from sticking. After baking remove from pan by turning upside down over cooling racks. Cool and then freeze.

Now for my cake decorating tips: For the pizza sauce I used one tub white frosting mixed with one packet Kool-Aide Cherry Flavor for an intense cherry frosting! Or you can use food coloring if you prefer. Cheese: 1 lb shredded coconut. Sprinkle coconut over cherry frosting ‘sauce’ on cake. Reserve a quarter cup. In small bowl add three to four drops yellow food coloring to the remaining coconut and stir to color. Sprinkle yellow coconut across white “cheese.” Pepperoni: one large box cherry Jell-O: Make jello using only one cup boiling water. Pour into 9 x 13 pan that has been sprayed with Non-Stick cooking spray. Allow to set in refrigerator for two hours then use something to cut out small circles (I used a Gatorade sports drink lid). Remove and place in plastic storage container until pizza preparation. Green Onions: one small box lime jello. Make using only a half cup of water. Pour into small flat dish or bread pan that has been sprayed with Non-Stick cooking spray. Allow to set and use a knife or even a pizza cutter to cut Green Pepper shapes. Remove and place in plastic storage container until pizza preparation. Olives: Black licorice cut into small pieces. Pineapple: Dried pineapple cut into tidbit sizes.

Now I have even easier cake decorating tips: Bake the cake at least one or two days before and prepare jello pepperoni and peppers. Dice up pineapple and olives, color coconut. Assemble pizza up to 24 hours before. Place on large plastic lid or cardboard covered in foil or a pizza pan if it fits into the pizza box. Store it in refrigerator until serving time. Use plastic wrap or the cake pan to keep cake covered. "Order the pizza" and place cake in the box out of their view. Go get it and "Surprise" Present the child with “pizza” for dinner, allow them to open the box and voila!

Cake by Hazel A., Scotland

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

I made two normal 8” sponge cakes and left them to cool. I put one sponge on top of the other then covered the cake in buttercream icing. (Optional- I then added a rolled strip of marzipan around the outer edge of the sponge to make a stuffed crust’ pizza as it was for my boyfriend who loves Pizza Hut stuffed crust cakes!) I then covered the edges of the cake with brown royal icing to make the crusts and added red royal icing for the tomato sauce.

Grated marzipan (or yellow royal icing) makes effective cheese covering any bumps or blemishes around the edges of the cake too! I then cut and shaped green icing to make peppers and red to make tomato slices. It looks really effective if you see some yellow to make small tomato seeds as well (just stick them down with a tiny dab of water).

Thanks to this website I collected many cake decorating tips for this cake.

Cake by A. G., Bellingham, WA

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

I used a basic white cake mix baked it in a Wilton 12inch round pan I iced the cake (just the top not the sides as this is the "crust") with red tinted butter cream frosting. The cheese is yellow and white candy melts. I grated them on the cheese grater. The pepperoni is cherry fruit leather cut into circles. The olives and green peppers are candy melts that I melted and prepared on wax paper before hand… I took this to a Cub Scout cake auction and it was one of the highest winners!! To finish it off go to your local pizza place and ask for a clean box to put it in! Have fun and I hope that my cake decorating tips come in useful.

Cake by Brandi R., Lexington, KY

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

I made these cakes for my boss’s daughter’s 2nd birthday. She had a pizza party. For the invitations I made them to look like pizza cutters and for the cakes I used various fruits, veggies etc. I got all the cake decorating tips from this web site.

I bought the Wilton 16" round cake pan. You will need 3 cake mixes to make 2 cakes. This really makes a lot of cake. There were about 45 people at the party and probably only one whole cake got eaten?

For the icing I made regular butter cream icing and tinted it to look like crust a little yellow and very little brown. For the "tomato sauce" I used red sugar crystals that you can buy in the grocery store. The cheese is white chocolate that I grated using a hand grater. Pepperoni – fruit rollups you can only get fruit rollups with the tongue tattoos on them so I had to wet a paper towel and rub the tattoos off and let them dry then cut out with a small round biscuit cutter.

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

Green pepper – kiwi fruit, Sausage – malted milk balls halved, olives – sliced grapes. The cakes were a huge hit and everyone LOVED them!

Cake by Jodie R., Tucson, AZ

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

This was for my son’s 3rd birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. It was a 12" round cake frosted with butter cream in appropriate colors. All the cake decorating tips toppings are from the melted chocolate kit I got at Michaels.

The workers at Chuck E. Cheese said that it was the coolest cake they’d ever seen anyone bring in.

Cake by Becky Z., North Miami, FL

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes

This is a single-layer 12" white cake. The ‘sauce’ is red/orange butter cream; and all the ‘cheese’ and toppings are made from Wilton ‘s chocolate candy melts. It was served in a pizza box (purchased from the local Pizza Hut).

Cake by Joyce B., Oklahoma City, OK

Cake Decorating Tips for Pizza-Shaped Cakes