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Coolest Camo Tank Birthday Cake 101

by Steph
(Wilmington, DE)

Homemade Camo Tank Birthday Cake

Homemade Camo Tank Birthday Cake

Homemade Camo Tank Birthday Cake
Homemade Camo Tank Birthday Cake

I got many of the ideas behind this from this website! But put them together my way.

For my son's Camo Tank Birthday Cake I used a massive 15 x 12 x 3 cake pan and for the top I used an over sized bread pan (3" deep). I think the key is the size, so the Hershey bar treads look to scale. The top layer was supported with wooden dowels and a cardboard divider.

The rest is all icing. I iced a 2" perimeter along the bottom sides with dark chocolate (where the treads will be). On top of it placed Hershey bar pieces for treads and Oreos on the sides for tires. The Oreos didn't need support but I may have used a few toothpicks here and there.

Then use a different icing for the body. I actually put 2 containers of prepared icing in a bowl and dropped some green food coloring on one side and some brown on the other, and mixed only a little bit. It formed sort of a natural "camo" look when applied.

Still, because a lot of white is showing, I finished off the white parts using green and cold icing spray that I got at Walmart very cheap. For the soldier, I just dug out a small hole and put an Oreo standing up prior to icing. I used toothpicks as supports.

A few decorations and you are good to go!

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Military Camouflage Cake

by Jennifer P.
(Highland, CA)

I used two boxes of cake mix and two cans of frosting from the store. The food coloring is Wilton's. I used chocolate cake for the dark brown and black and used vanilla for the dark green, light green and tan. I poured batter from each color into the cake pan (9" x 13") to get the camo pattern in the cake itself. The leftover batter was made into cupcakes.

I frosted the cake the next day so I knew the cake was completely cooled. First I dropped frosting by spoonfuls onto the top of the cake, then covered the cake with wax paper and used a roller to roll the dabs into a camo pattern. When I lifted the wax paper it brought the frosting off but left enough to use as an outline so I colored it in with a spoon. The uneven 'ground' wound up looking better when it came time to put the toy soldiers on top. For transport I put the cake on its board onto the lid of a Sterilite plastic storage container and then put the bottom over it - very handy!

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Coolest Camouflage Birthday Cake 6

by Teresa G.

Homemade Camouflage Birthday Cake

Homemade Camouflage Birthday Cake

My 5-year-old daughter wanted to make a hunting cake for Father's Day. We didn't have time to work with fondant, so we decided to warm our frosting slightly in the microwave and drizzle it onto the cake with spoons. It was so easy and so much fun!

We place our crumb coated cake on a wire rack that was placed on top of wax paper for easy cleanup. We placed our frosting in 3 bowls and tinted it using Wilton's paste (juniper green, brown, and a combination of juniper and Kelly green).

Next, we heated each bowl for several seconds in the microwave. We dipped teaspoons in the frosting and drizzled it onto the cake. Next, we traced the outline of a buck onto brown gumpaste and cut it out with a paring knife.

Finally, we traced a slightly larger buck on bright hunter orange gumpaste and cut ribbons from the orange gumpaste to wrap around each layer of the cake.

This Camouflage Birthday Cake was so much fun to make and her daddy said it was the best cake and the best Father's Day ever!

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by: Patti

Wow, that looks really great! I does kinda look like fondant. What a cool idea!

the buck on the cake
by: Anonymous

I am wondering how you traced the buck for your cake or if you had to purchase a stencil. Please let me know, as I am very interested in making this cake. Thank you, your cake is awesome.

by: Teresa G

I printed a clipart picture of a buck, cut it out, and placed it on the gumpaste to use as a guide. :-)

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