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Coolest Camo Military Cake 7

by K. Drew
(Richmond, VA)

Homemade Camo Military Cake

Homemade Camo Military Cake

So my girlfriend told me about this website and wanted her son's birthday cake to look just like one of the ones already listed. I think it looks pretty good, so I thought I would add mine along with the others.

This homemade camo military cake is four layers, all chocolate with chocolate icing, and covered in marshmallow fondant. The fondant is a light green with darker green, brown and black fondant pieces worked in.

I got the idea from the homemade camo military cake done by Sarah in Spokane WA on this website. Only this was my third try, took a bit. To make it work I had to wet the other colors of fondant to get them to stick to the light green, then I rolled it out. I also found out the hard way that adding color to fondant is better to do it when it is still just the marshmallows and water mixture. Once you have the powdered sugar in it, it gets really messy. My hands are still a bit green.

When it was all assembled, I "painted" on a simple syrup coating -- it helps get rid of all the powder left on the fondant and makes it shiny. I'll refrigerate it and it will be dry in the morning.

Tell me what you think, or if you have a better idea for the fondant, please let me know. I have another friend requesting a cake next week, for a graduation. I saw the ones listed on this website and they are awesome. I can get really good ideas for it. Thanks so much and happy baking!!!

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by: Joyce E

Hi, I think you did a fantastic job on this cake! I am currently planning a going away party for my son, who is leaving for boot in August. If you don't mind I would love to use your cake as am inspiration for my own. GREAT JOB!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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Coolest Deer and Camo Cake 8

by Jenny M.
(Forest City,NC, USA)

Homemade Deer and Camo Cake

Homemade Deer and Camo Cake

My best friend asked me to do her 4 year old a deer hunting cake and this is what we came up with. This Deer and Camo Cake is a basic 9x13 cake with home made BC icing. I printed a deer picture off the computer in mirror vision and the put a piece of wax paper over the top and traced it with clear piping gel, then flipped in over onto the crusted bc cake and then outlined the deer and filed it in.

On the sides of the cake, I just filled in the sides with a light green,dark green, and tan bc. Hope you enjoy!

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Camo Deer
by: Carla C.

Nice Cake!

Luv it =)
by: Jessica

Very cute cake, great job!!!

deer picture
by: Hilda

Where did you get that deer picture on the internet? I'd like to use it!!!

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First Birthday Camo Cake

by Rebekah J.

I made this cake for my son's first birthday party.

I bought a 1 cake pan and filled it with a triple chocolate cake mix, I made some home made buttercream frosting, got 5 bowls and filled them each with the frosting. I colored each frosting a different color to try and look like the camo colors.. This was the closest I got! Then I colored the last one orange for Zion's name and the outline of the cake! After this picture I added some little deer figurines, a toy soldier with a gun, and some trees...

It turned out to be a perfect hunting cake!

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Lovin Camo
by: Jess K.

I love your creation. I might have to steal this idea for my son's first birthday, my husband is a real hunting junky. LOL.

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