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Coolest Camping Cake 10

by Amber Gibson
(Keystone Heights, FL )

Campout Cake 10

Campout Cake 10

I had the most fun creating this camping cake. My nephew had a campout for his tenth birthday and I had the pleasure to make this awesome cake.

I made a 1 layer 12x19 sheet cake, colored store bought icing, green, using Wilton's gel food coloring. His birthday was in September and Walmart had already started putting out Christmas stuff so I bought the trees from the Christmas department.

I bought the oh so cute deer from Michaels craft store and put him the woods. I made the tent using a folded index card and felt paper. I just used spray glue to hold the two together. I used regular string and cut dow rods to hold the tent to the cake.

I used butterfinger candy sticks as log seating and candy corns for the fire. The camp grounds couldn't be complete without a pond so a little bit of blue icing and bushes and rocks finished it off.

This cake was such a hit at the party they almost didn't want to cut it.

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Awesome campsite
by: Mary Walter

Amber your creativity serves you well. Keep it up. Its so rewarding to see faces light up at the difference you can make with being creative.

So much is right within our own abilities

by: Anonymous

Nice cake, I especially like the way the pond turned out.

Great Idea
by: Shannon

My husband is a scout leader and I always do a bbq for his b-day. This year I'll try this cake. I am going to try graham wafers for the tent and candy rocks around the fire and pond. Thanks for sharing this cake!

Not all edible
by: Anonymous

Cool cake but all u can eat is the cake try to make the whole cake edible!!! more servings means you can invite more guests!!

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Coolest Campfire Cake Idea 26

by Breanne
(Orland Park, IL, USA)

Homemade Campfire Cake Idea

Homemade Campfire Cake Idea

Homemade Campfire Cake Idea

I made this Campfire Cake Idea for my outdoorsy boyfriend’s birthday. It is a marble chocolate and yellow cake. I used two 9x9 inch pans and stacked them together filling the cake with a chocolate butter cream frosting. I started by frosting the cake with a butter cream frosting then outlined the lake and path with clear piping gel.

I then colored in the lake with blue dyed piping gel. I then used brown icing to create the path. I piped the rest of the cake green by using a star tip. The tent is made out of a graham cracker broken in half with a pretzel rod holding it up. The bonfire is made out of broken pretzel rods. The flames are dyed butter cream frosting. I added mini marshmallows to toothpicks for a special touch. The tree is simply a sugar cone which I covered by piping with a star tip.

The one thing I regretted was not bringing the path and water all the way down the side. Everyone loved the cake!

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Coolest Camp Out Birthday Cake 20

by Melissa/Elizabeth

Homemade  Camp Out Birthday Cake

Homemade Camp Out Birthday Cake

The actual Camp Out Birthday Cake is made of baked cookie dough set to 325 F. and is delicious! At first me and my Mom couldn't decide how the fire should look, and every camp out cake has to have a fire, so we made rocks out of M&Ms, jellybeans work too, and candles for the actual fire.

The girls on the cake are Polly's bought at Wal-mart. My sisters and I have have been given so many Polly's in the past, that we found some that looked like my friends. This cake is perfect for any party your planning for a boy or girl. It's really a big hit and in my cake my guests actually looked like the Polly's. It'll delight anyone for sure, and it's so much easier to use Polly's than make each girl bit by bit.

The bushes came in handy whenever I made a mistake, I'll I had to do was icing over it. Enjoy!

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by: Ms. Lori

What a great idea for the fire! I think we may have to steal that one... thanks for the tip, and great job:)

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Camp Rock Cake

by Lisa
(Ashburnham, MA)

My 6 year old daughter celebrated her birthday in July of 2008 just as Camp Rock came out so of course, that is what she wanted. I make a simple cake mix and used 2 round pans. I stacked the two cakes on top of each other and put a frosting filling in between. I covered the top of the cake with the green/blue colored buttercream frosting and the side's white. I then went online and printed out the lettering to "Camp Rock". Using piping gel, I traced over the back of the lettering and then placed it on top of the cake. Using black frosting, I piped over the letters and then filled them in with the right tinted frosting. I made the sign a yellow color and went over it with the "camp" and guitar head, freehanding. I also did a shell design around the edges of the cake.
She loved it!

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by: Anonymous

Very cute. I am planning a Camp Rock party for my daughter and no one had a clue about how to make this kind of b-day cake. Nice idea!!

add. notes
by: Lisa

The cake is actually perfectly round. For some reason, my camera angle was funky and made it look indented, lol!

camp rock
by: misty

My child loves camp rock.So she wanted a camp rock cake.So we are trying to get one.but we can`t find one.So we are going to get a bratz or spongebob cake.


It is perfect for my child birthday on December 22 ,2008.She wanted it to be rounded so good rounding it.It has her favorite colors on it.She will be nine years old.I am happy that i finally found a camp rock cake.

by: zoe

that's the best cake ever!

by: Anonymous

the cake looks aw some and I am going to probably make it!!I wonder what it will turn out to?

camp rock
by: Anonymous

It was great:]I LOVED IT. It was so so so so lovely. We had a blast. The cake was cool and good. I liked it.


I think that what you did was awesome. you should put that cake design in every cake bakery in the whole United Sates so you can earn a lot of money

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