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Coolest Birthday River Tubing Cake 10

by Jane

Homemade Birthday River Tubing Cak

Homemade Birthday River Tubing Cak

Homemade Birthday River Tubing Cak
Homemade Birthday River Tubing Cak
Homemade Birthday River Tubing Cak

This homemade birthday river tubing cake is my first fondant birthday cake, made for a friend of a friend's 50th birthday. I made the fondant (marshmallow recipe) which was pretty easy to make. My grandson age 9 was visiting so I tinted some brown and yellow fondant and asked if he thought he could make some rocks. Ohh my he did a wonderful job and was so proud of himself.

The cake itself was a sour cream cake filled with strawberry puree, frosted with cream cheese frosting and topped with fondant. I did have to re roll the fondant a couple times to get just the right size but actually the more you work the fondant dough the easier it is to work with. The figure was just craft wire shaped into something similar to a stick person and then the fondant added to it. The tube was just a cake dougnut that I cut the bottom third off along with cutting the hole a little bigger and covered with dark grey fondant.

I finished it off with weeds and cattails around the outside edge. I brushed the fondant with tinted glitter for cakes to give the grass and water some depth. I was very happy with the result and so was my friend!

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Homemade Nature Theme Birthday Cake

by Neha
(Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)

Having so many family and friends that live near me, always gives an opportunity to try out new Cake ideas. This time it was my Cousin's birthday who always encourage me to do something different every time. So for his birthday i decided to make a Nature Bases cake which would be perfect for this birthday. I was really excited to see how it would turn out to be when I am done.

The cake was Divided into 4 layers, the 1st layer being the forest- I've made a small water falls out of fresh whipping cream with the help of basket tip nozzle. I've also added stones( those are not the real stones, they are chocolates).This layer is full of greenery.

The 2nd and 3rd layer depicts a part of clouds and mist which in reality seen below the snow land.

The 4th layer is the snow land, where I've made a snow man like statue stand in the center, and around that layer melted snow flowing down.

The cake is fully made with fresh cream. It is 99% edible except the snow man standing on the top of the cake. And the cake is 100% Egg-free Cake!!

Thank you for looking in to it

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by: Sreenidhi

Neha ur cake rocks !! :)

Amazing cake
by: Rekha

Wow the cake looks amazing with so many details. Would love to have a piece of it!!!

by: dharmender

Terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls make a hell heaven them cake!! above layer with heaven

lovely cake
by: Abitha

Nice creativity with cakes :-)wish i could taste it :-)

neha's cake
by: arthi


by: Anonymous

It looks yummy----licious..............wish i could grab a bite out of it

neat idea
by: Anonymous

i liked the waterfall and the stones

Very nice
by: Anonymous

Very nice.

THE Best cake:))
by: vincy


by: Neha

Thank you all soo much :-)

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Coolest Lake Cake Design 5

by Katie M.

Homemade Lake Cake Design

Homemade Lake Cake Design

This Lake Cake Design was for my 14th Birthday at my lake house. My mom and me made it together.

Cake: make two 9 inch circle cakes with any quick make cake mix.
Icing: icing the cake with blue icing. Then where the island is use green icing.

For decorating you will need:
Peach rings
Fruit roll ups
Sour fruit roll ups
Pretzel sticks
Swedish fish
Gram crackers
Gum ball

Decorating: Arrange decorations how you would like to. Peach rings are for tubes. Fruit roll ups are for towels and lily pads. Lily pads: use a water bottle cap to cut the circles and make the slits with a knife. Sour fruit roll ups are for the underwater lake weed. Lake weed: make slits with a knife. Pretzel sticks are for the fishing poll. Swedish fish are for the underwater fish. Grahame crackers are for the floating dock and you can crush them and use them for sand all around the bottom of the cake. String is for the fishing line. Gum ball is for the fishing bobber.

There you have it! A lake cake! Keep cold so the fruit rolls don't fall off!

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