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Coolest Camp Birthday Cake 13

by Alisa

Homemade Camp Birthday Cake

Homemade Camp Birthday Cake

I got most of my ideas for this camp birthday cake from this website so I thought it would be good to share the results! My son wanted a German chocolate cake so I made the cake. I had intended to weave green food coloring in it before baking to give it a camouflage inside but I forgot! That is another added idea.

I used as much of the coconut pecan icing as I could. I bought buttercream icing from store and dyed portions of it for the stream and the green grass. You can also use some of the buttercream icing to make rapid "peaks" in the water. I used a Hershey candy bar for the tent, used raisenets for the rocks, pretzel sticks for the firewood, candy corn for the fire, crushed Oreo for the ash/coals, tootsie rolls for the logs by the campfire.

I used a fake bush and a fake tree my son already had (washed them in hot soapy water first, of course). I touched it off with dyed green coconut for spurts of grass and more raisenets as rocks around the camp. The pecans in the icing made for a little added touch of texture (like more rocks) too! It is all edible except for the trees.

I was very proud of myself in making this since creativity and cake making is not a gift of mine. Tastes better than store bought. Yummy!

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more info. on cake
by: Anonymous

I forgot to mention in my original post that the cake and icing were store bought. Also, the buttercream icing color is an off-white color so when you swirl it into the stream, it looks like rapids. After taking this picture, I used green and chocolate sprinkles to make the appearance of a camouflage sleeping bag in the tent. My son thought that was cool.

Thanks, you saved our boyscout day :)
by: NancyD

I had to make a boyscout themed cake and your cake is perfect! Thank you so much for being so creative and detailed in writing down what you used. My husband and son are proud to show this off!

Love it!!
by: Anonymous

I am not creative or a good cake decorator, but I'm copying some of your concepts to finish off a cake for my son (also a Boy Scout).

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Coolest Camping Cake 36

by Traci D.
(North Carolina)

Homemade Camping Cake

Homemade Camping Cake

I made this camping cake for a cake auction we had for my son's cub scout troop. I started with using a sheet cake and icing it with ready made chocolate icing. I used fondant to make the rocks, canoe and paddle, and the tree tops. For the tree trunks I used pretzel sticks. I also used pretzel sticks to make the campfire along with red & yellow fruit roll-ups for the flames. For the stream I used a decorating tip to make the water appear wavy or in motion. The tents are made from fruit roll ups and the draped over top of pretzel sticks.

This cake was fairly easy to make and a big hit with the scouts.

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Coolest Camping Birthday Cake 16

by Christie P.
(Soddy Daisy, TN)

Homemade Camping Birthday Cake

Homemade Camping Birthday Cake

This Camping Birthday Cake was a huge hit! The trees are sugar cones iced green. I used the star tip and pulled out long strands to make them look like branches. To secure them to the cake I used long pretzel sticks inside the cones.

The tent is graham crackers iced together and covered in fondant. The rocks are all fondant. The stream is made from piping gel colored with blue food coloring. The campfire was my favorite part. It is fondant sticks/rocks.

I added the candles in the middle so that when lit they would look like a real campfire. I have also added marshmallows on tooth picks by the campfire.

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That's great!
by: Anonymous

Very cute! I love the fireplace with the candle!

Camping Cake
by: Anonymous

A friend of mine made this cake for my 8 year old son. We are camping nuts! and this cake was a big hit at the family party!

Thank you!!

It is cool.
by: Bear Scout

I think that it looks really really really cool. (as quoted from my Cub Scout son, age 8)

nice idea
by: Anonymous

love the cake

by: tobyMacgirl123

I think this cake is great! Although I'm not
sure if I have the skills to make this. Overall, good job!:)

The Greatest
by: Malinda

This is the best one

Love it!
by: Anonymous

I want that cake for my B-day!

camping cake
by: Anonymous

Great cake, what size of pan did you use for this cake?

by: me

it is awesome

cool cake but...
by: Anonymous

is this the blue and gold cake? doesn't sound like the scout had much to do with it. too bad. I am an assistant den leader and consistently disappointed to see "scout" projects taken over by the parent. otherwise very creative with the fire part.

Blue and gold cake
by: Anonymous

To the parent who asked if this was a scout cake. If you notice the cake says Happy Birthday Eric. Just saying...

great idea
by: carmen

very cute cake with lots of detail. Very nicely done.

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Coolest Homemade Camping Cake 34

Coolest Homemade Camping Cake

Coolest Homemade Camping Cake

I used one cake mix and baked the tent part of the cake in a small Pyrex bowl. The tree is made from a sugar cone decorated with the star cake decorating tip. Brown M&M's make up the ring for the fire. One crushed Oreo was used for the ash. Pretzel sticks are the wood for the fire. Orange icing was squirted under some of the pretzels to look like hot coals and the flames are shaped from orange Starburst.

This Homemade Camping Cake was simple and fun to make.

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Camping Cake 7

by Heidi
(Surrey )

Camping Cake

Camping Cake

I used fondant for the people on this camping cake. I melted chocolate for the tent and for the grass I used #233 icing tip and also #67 icing tip. I got the general ideas form this web site and just used my imagination for the rest.

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by: Clayton

That is one delicious looking cake!

Very Cool
by: Linda

My husband, the baker, would be impressed!

Wrong Year
by: Anonymous

Looks great except it was only my 40th not 50th...
Terry K


Maybe you can make a cool cake like that for Missy?s birthday since you?ll be in town for it. If you do, I want to watch/help so I can learn your tricks. Do you use a specific website for your ideas, or do you just come up with them on your own?

by: Anonymous

Wao --------what a lovely cake I just love this and would love to have to this cake for my Birthday.
camper trailer

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