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Coolest Pez Cake 20

by Rebecca V.
(Tampa, Florida)

Homemade Pez Cake

Homemade Pez Cake

This Pez cake was for my nephew who collects PEZ dispensers. I knew I wanted to make a PEZ cake so I looked on the internet for ideas and this is a cross between 2 cakes that I liked.

I baked a half sheet cake and then cut a piece 6" x about 16" long. I could've used a smaller pan but I didn't want to piece the cake together. The extra cake I took to work so it wouldn't go to waste.

I carved the sides so it looked like the rounded corners of the PEZ package. After I iced it with buttercream I used strips of grey fondant to cover just the ends and folded them like the foil inner package. I used strips of colored fondant to cover the rest of the cake, making sure to tuck the ends under the cake.

The stripes are overlapping the grey but only touching each other. I made a copy of the PEZ logo, enlarged it, then cut it out. I used it as a template, cutting around it to make the blue part of the logo. I then cut a bunch of small white rectangles to complete the logo.

I used a paint brush with some water to "glue" the fondant to each other. I piped happy birthday and it was complete. This was the hit of the restaurant! The waitresses and even other people we didn't know were coming over to look and take pictures!

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by: Anonymous

There are professionals who wouldn't have done that good of a job. Your nephew is one lucky boy!

by: Anonymous

That looks so real!! it is gorgous

great job
by: Anonymous

My 11 year old son has been collecting pez for quite awhile and his birthday is coming and he loves to watch "ace of cakes" on food network. I was looking for a cake to make with him and this would be great. Thanks for idea. Great job

by: Cake Luver

I LOVE to design cakes and that is just beautifully done. Great job!

Trying to make
by: Sheryl

I'm going to try to make this cake for my daughter wish me luck. The only thing I'm not sure about is how big I cut the strips that I couldn't find that out.

Thank you

Stip size guess
by: Tanya

My best guess on this before making it is that each stripe will be 2", leaving an inch on ends for grey and the side probably another inch? Before you cut the grey you would have to measure the height just to be accurate! Will let you know after September 12th!

Love Pez
by: sheryl

My 11 year old daughter loves Pez she has about 500 of them so I made the Pez cake I have never worked with fondant but it was fun and the cake turned out great everyone loved it.
Thank you so much for your help.

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Coolest Almond Joy Cake 16

by Erica R.
(New Jersey)

Homemade Almond Joy Cake

Homemade Almond Joy Cake

This Almond Joy cake was made for my mom who just adores the Almond Joy candy bar! I was happy it turned out so easy to make!

I first started out making a rectangle cake (I went with a half cake- 12x18 pan). While that was baking I whipped up a batch of marshmallow fondant (it's easier to use and actually tastes decent)and let it sit.

After the cakes cooled I layered and frosted (chocolate would be ideal) them. Next, I rolled out the fondant so it would cover the cake. The next part might come off as tricky, but it's not. I started loosely putting the fondant on top of the cake; this way the wrapper looks crinkled. When it's 3/4 the way on, stop, and go back over-lapping the fondant (for the pulled-back wrapper effect).

Melt chocolate in the microwave and pour it over the remaining frosting that's not fondant covered.
Pick the candy bar you want and make the wrapper (fondant) look accordingly. I used Wilton food gel color and watered it down a bit and painted it on.

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Coolest Caramel Apple Cake

by Michelle B
(Bolingbrook, IL)

Homemade Caramel Apple Cake

Homemade Caramel Apple Cake

Although this Caramel Apple Cake looks more appropriate for Halloween, I made this cake for Thanksgiving. I didn't want to bring the usual pumpkin or apple pie so I thought I'd make one for my family.

I made the cake and caramel from scratch using splenda so my mom, who is diabetic could eat it. I use 2 Pyrex 1 qt bowls to bake the 2 halves. I had to carve the top of the stacked cakes because they don't come out of the bowls perfectly round. I put caramel between the layers. Then poured the remaining over the cake. I chopped some walnuts and pressed it against the lower half of the cake, and stuck a big craft stick down the middle of the cake to finish off the caramel apple look.

My family, especially my mom LOVED the cake. As always, I hope my cake inspires you to try it yourself.

Happy Baking!

Caramel Apple Cake

Caramel apple Cake

Comments for Coolest Caramel Apple Cake

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I thought it was the real thing ..
by: Anonymous

This is great - really original!

by: Anonymous

Great job! A spice cake would be great for this cake.

by: Anonymous

That is such a great idea! It really looks like a carmel apple. What a clever girl you are.

by: Anonymous

These would make cute cupcakes also

by: Sherry

To the one who made the birthday craramel apple cake, how did you do it using Splenda, every time I try to make a cake for my husband. Who is diabetic, the cakes never rise. I would really know how to do this, my husband loves cake.they used to have cake mixes with no sugar but I cant find then
M anymore, would be really grateful,,

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