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Coolest Candyland Cake 15

by Kelli T.
(Brandon, MS)

Homemade Candyland Cake

Homemade Candyland Cake

For my son's 2nd birthday I decided to go with a Candyland cake with a choo-choo train theme. For the "hill" I used 2 layers of white cake mix and made according to "The Cake Doctor".

After refrigeration, I stacked and shaped them into a hill. I then slathered on the green tinted buttercream frosting (between layers as well), recipes from Wilton. I made the "house" out of the same cake recipe though I baked those in mini loaf pans then shaped accordingly.

I purchased all the candy decor from a local candy store. I used a thicker version of the same buttercream to "glue" the bits on the house.
For the train, the same cake recipe was used but made in mini loaf pans and leveled/shaped. The same buttercream frosting recipe was used and tinted blue (Wilton tint gels).

Bite-sized Oreo cookies were used for the "wheels". Marshmallow inside a miniature cone was used for front engine smoke. And anything from licorice to other hard candies were used in the "carts".

The entire cake rested on a round cake board covered in foil which was coated in plain white buttercream frosting. The name was written in tinted buttercream frosting.

This was only my 2nd cake to decorate! It was so much fun! Oh! I made a separate front part of train and put a candle in it for my son to blow out!

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Coolest Candyland Cake 13

by Misty Carpentier
(Mckinney, TX)

Candyland Cake

Candyland Cake

My friend Carol and I made this Candyland cake for my daughter Kirsten's sweet sixteen birthday party. We taped a cut out of her face on a Candyland game piece at the beginning of the cake.

The castle was made out of graham crackers and sugar cones. The recipe to make the sides of the castle stick together is as follows:
2Lbs of 10 x confectioner's sugar, which is (powdered sugar). Four to five egg whites. Add eggs to sugar one at a time; mix in a bowl with a wooden spoon. Then put the paste into the mixing bowl of an electric mixer. The paste should not look like bread flour however, it should be smooth and not runny looking. To apply use a pastry bag, or make a bag out of wax paper.

You have to act quickly because it dries really fast! After the castle was put together (thanks to my expert castle maker best friend), we then decorated it with all kinds of yummy candy. We also used colored candy canes, colored marshmallows, skittles and suckers.

We used the buttercream recipe from to cover the cake and used green icing coloring. We piped the sides in red and used peppermints for accents.

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loved your cake!!
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for a easy cake but beautiful for our candyland graduation party for my 5 year old son. Thanks!!!

by: Bry

I LOVE this cake! it is so pretty and looks so fun to make and eat :)

by: Anonymous

Hi - Can you make a list of things you put on the cake so I know what to buy? Thanks so much! :)

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Coolest Candy Land Cake 14

by Renee Johnson
(Topeka, KS)

Candy Land Cake

Candy Land Cake

This Candy Land cake is any child's dream, full of Candy, Candy, and more Candy!! I created this cake directly from the Candyland Game board with the goal of "everything on it is edible."

I used Cream Cheese frosting, Icing, fondant, gum paste, nutter butters, jellybeans, gumdrops, M&Ms, licorice, lollipops, gingerbread, candycanes, icecream cones, chocolate chips, mints...and lots of edible glitter. The only things "in Candyland" not edible are the dowel rods, supports, lollipop sticks, candles, and the actual playing pieces.

I used gel/paste color to get the vibrant colors. I made the "frosting figures" several days in advance, but the actual cake took about 5 hours to frost and put together. It was well worth it when my daughter saw it with wide eyes and jaw dropped! There is so many details, it takes awhile to see it all!

We also "planted" "magic beans" (jelly beans) the night before her party that grew into 5" swirled lollipops. Her friends got to "pick" them to take home for party favors. It was quite a site to see lollipops covering the front yard when she looked out her window the morning of her birthday party.

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Icing for cones
by: Jill

What did you use to make the "ice cream" on top of the cones? Your cake is great.mcant wait to start mine.

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