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Coolest Carousel Cake 21

by Emmie B.
(Alpharetta, GA)

Homemade Carousel Cake

Homemade Carousel Cake

This carousel cake is one of my very favorite. It was for my god-daughter's 2nd birthday. The idea came from a cake that I saw in a Wilton book from years ago.

The cake sizes are: 14" single layer round, 10" double layer round, 6" single layer round, and a mini doll skirt on top. My single layer cakes are 3" cakes.

The horses are sugar cookies that were iced with royal icing. I used Popsicle sticks for the posts on the horses and balloons for the balls on top. I have also used round bubble gum or fondant balls in the past if I didn't have the plastic balloons.

The columns are wrapped with curl ribbon and curl ribbon is also used between the columns. Pink foil paper was used to cover the boards. I like to use floral paper to cover my boards and can usually be found at floral supply stores in many different colors.

I have made this cake in pastel colors for girls and primary colors for boys.

I have found that if I use a number 5 or 6 for the string-work on the second tier, the strings are less likely to break. I also decorate my cakes and let them sit overnight before they are delivered.

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Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for taking the time to post your picture and notes! I relied on your posting when designing my cake - yours is one of my favorites (mine is #24). I even make the little animal cookies for my daughter's individual cake - what a great idea! Thank you for sharing your creativity!!!

by: Melissa

It's beautiful!

by: Toni

WOW! what a great cake! you have inspired me to give it a try. I have a question about a the top cake. Did you use ruffled pie pan or a the type of pan where can lift out the bottom then remove the outside pan? I use that type for a pretty quiche, but I don't know what it is called. Either way, you did a fabulous job!!!

Wow What a Cake
by: Jodie

Thank you for posting your cake, i pinched a few ideas for this and another coolest carousel cake and was very happy with the way it turned out. It would never of been as good as it was with out pinching some of your idea's

Your cake Rocks!!!!!!
by: Diana

I will be using ideas from this cake that you made for one in mid-August for a friend. I hope mine comes out as good as yours. You did a great job!!!!

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Coolest Merry Go Round Birthday Cake 27

by Julie D.
(Sydney, NSW)

Homemade Merry Go Round Birthday Cake

Homemade Merry Go Round Birthday Cake

I decided to make this Merry Go Round Birthday Cake for my daughter's 1st birthday. I have never decorated a cake before. I bought the packet cake as per Woman's Day cookbook which was the easy part. The decoration was what took a lot of time. I was still adding to it when guests arrived.

The soft icing was easy to apply. I had been worried as I have never used it before. It is very easy to manipulate into place and I did have a trial go during the week for the mother's group 1st birthday's. I used the Wilton concentrated food colouring, you only need the end of a toothpick amount. I was told by cake shops that using the food colurings from supermarkets will make the icing too soft. Took me a while to find it but did eventually.

With the icing mixture to stick on the lollies I also added the food colouring, otherwise it will dry white. The cake tasted great which was a bonus as I didn't want to cut it because it had taken so long and looked good.

Comments for Coolest Merry Go Round Birthday Cake 27

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by: Leni

Wow! Looks great! Did you make the horses too.

by: Julied

No, I got them online, just needed to paint them and add ribbon.

Excellent Merry go Round Cake
by: Jen

Where online did you manage to get the horses. I want to make this for my daughter's 1st birthday but I'm having trouble finding any horses. Thanks

by: meg

Where did you find the horses?

by: Shirley

Hi, the only place I could find the horses was on E-Bay. From memory they cost about $11 for 8.

Wooden Horses
by: Julie D

I got them at

by: Sine

What did you use for the sticks?

Love it
by: Heidi

Love the cake! What is holding the 2nd layer up there?

Holding up cake
by: Julie D

Thank you, it is the cylinder of a baking paper roll.It is thicker than a cling wrap roll and then the bamboo sticks give extra support.

Where did you buy the horse
by: Tina


I love your cake, I have never make a cake before, but I am going to try your lovely cake for my daughter 2nd Birthday.

Could you please tell me where to buy the horse?

Thank you

by: Julie

I got the horses online at
You just need to paint them. Good luck.

Fruit sticks
by: Ann

Very nice cake. Where did you get the fruit sticks?

Fruit sticks
by: Julie D

Thank you. The fruits sticks are from Woolworths - supermarket. They are just like musk sticks but different colours.

by: Rachael

OMG it's amazing - looks just like the one in the picture....just wondering how long it actually took you to ice and decorate - I'm about to attempt it for my daughters 6th b'day in a few weeks - wish me luck

by: Julie D

Thanks, It took ages! I made it the day before and I think I spent about 5 hours on the decoration. It is really fiddly, you need to separate all the cachous into colours and then attach each one individually. Cut the musk sticks to the same height. I would make it 2 days before, it will still be fresh and you will be less stressed. I was still attaching things when the guests arrived.

Ready -made icing
by: Rachael

Hi there - I'm already starting to stress about this cake and I haven't even started yet - just wondering what sort of ready-made icing you used - and if anyone has used the one's from the supermarket. I also found my little horses at Bunning's Warehouse for the same price as on the internet - but they only had 7 can you believe that!!!!I've not only got to do this cake but I've got a 1yr old cake to make for my other daughter too - making & decorating 2 cakes on the one day is never going to be fun in my house....they share the same birthday - 5yrs apart - I don't know if I'm lucky or unlucky....

by: Marina

omg i love it so much.. I'm making cake for my year 10 cooking project and iI'm gonna follow this exactly.. a few questions what kind of icing did u use.? and what is actually making the musk sticks and lollies stay on the icing?
as well what is holding up the top layer of cake.? you did a great job and i really hope i can pull it off :)

Ready made icing
by: Julie D

Hi Rachael,

I just used the Orchard White Icing - ready made icing from Woollies 500g box.I've just had a practice run of half of Upsy Daisy for her 2nd birthday! I don't envy you, making 2 cakes. Make them 2 days ahead, you will need it with the merry go round one. Good luck.

by: Anonymous

were do you buy the little horses from ??

by: Kim

I'm making this for my Mothers 70th Birthday in November I know she will love it. I hope my will look as fantastic as yours does

by: Anonymous

where do u get horses from?

by: Julie D

Hi, I got them from

How to
by: Anonymous

Hi I can't seem to find & the receipe for this to do? Any advice??

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Coolest Girls Carousel Cake 46

by The Spangler

Homemade Girls Carousel Cake

Homemade Girls Carousel Cake

Homemade Girls Carousel Cake
Homemade Girls Carousel Cake
Homemade Girls Carousel Cake
Homemade Girls Carousel Cake

I made this pink pony Homemade Girls Carousel Cake for my daughter's third birthday. I purchased the plain craft wood horses from a craft store and then gave them a couple of coats of white non-toxic acrylic paint, let them dry and then got to work with my glue gun some felt and a little bit of fine chain to fashion the saddles and bridles.

The cake itself was constructed using a two round white chocolate mud cakes baked from scratch and one smaller cake to shape for the very top of the carousel. The horses were attached to cut down balloon sticks and the carousel roof was supported with a centre cylinder to which I hot glued the top cake board.

The cake was iced using a basic marshmallow fondant tinted pink and decorated with some iced piping, ribbons, diamontes and sparkly pipecleaners around the centre support and balloon sticks and then topped off with a jazzed up diamonte candle!

Quite straight forward but with lots of WOW factor... my little girl loved it and I hope you do too!

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