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Carousel Cake

by Sara
(Farmington, NY)

I made this for my daughters 2nd birthday and she loved it. I used a 2 layer 9? round vanilla cake for the bottom and 2 layer 6? round chocolate for the top. The bottom was placed on a revolving cake plate which made decorating much easier and gave the carousel turning capability for presentation purposes.

I placed a pillar set on top of the bottom cake and just randomly decorated the plates with frosting. I purchased the mini horses online and you can use them as ornaments later instead of being stuck with a carousel cake kit because really how many carousel cakes are you going to make?

I then decorated the top cake and placed it onto the pillars and voila! To decorate the cakes, I used a basic butter cream recipe and star tip since I am not very good at frosting d├ęcor. I used colored melting chocolate and free handed "ELLA" onto wax paper along with some decorative hearts. Once cooled, I peeled off of wax paper and placed on to cake where desired. This is a nice alternative for those who aren't good when writing with frosting. That way if you screw up who cares because you can just do it over!

Also to get a nice smooth surface, once the cake is frosted all over, place a butter knife in hot water and then run over the frosting this will smooth out and shine over the frosting. It is important to keep dipping the knife in the hot for this to work. This is pretty simple, just time consuming but worth it!

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Coolest Carousel Cake 31

Homemade Carousel Cake

Homemade Carousel Cake

The idea for this Carousel Cake came from the Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book, I made it for my daughter's first birthday. Both layers are chocolate cake with an inverted chocolate muffin on top. I covered each of the three parts in chocolate buttercream, then pink rolled fondant.

The horses are edible - I traced a template then cut them out of sugar paste, threaded them onto florist wires, gave them piped icing saddles and eyes and tied ribbons around their necks. The poles are bamboo skewers covered in ribbons. The horses were attached to the poles by wrapping the wires around them at varying heights. The inner cardboard roll was painted with egg white to stick the musk sticks and lollies on. I covered the board in lilac rolled fondant.

This was only my second ever time using rolled fondant and I was really happy with the result.

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great easy cake
by: Anonymous

just wondering how you got the cake to balance on the top with the skewers in-between the bottom of the cake????
looks great!
want to make this one for my bubs 1st b'day!

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Coolest Carousel Cake 35

by Anna
(Smyrna, GA)

Homemade Carousel Cake

Homemade Carousel Cake

My mom and I made this Carousel Cake for my daughter's 1st birthday party. The bottom is two 10" cakes stacked on one another. The top cake is one 8" cake with a little cupcake sitting on top.

We baked sugar cookies on a baking stick and then decorated them to look like horses. Before using the sticks, I cut them down to the exact size needed to fit in between the cake separators.

Once iced, I slid the sticks in between the two dividers. They stayed up on their own because they were wedged well enough. We assembled the rest of the cake and then decorated until we felt it had enough "flair".

Everyone was very impressed with the cake and we had so much fun making it together.

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Coolest Carousel Birthday Cake 23

by JoAnne
(Oregon City, OR)

Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake

Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake

I made this Carousel Birthday Cake going by a picture in one of the annual Wilton Cake Books.
My daughter was having a Cinderella party for her 3rd birthday and I thought this was perfect for it.

It was a lot of work, but so worth it. I was so proud of this cake!

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This is my Sis!
by: bren

My Sis made this cake- she is so talented and everything she does demonstrates this! I am so proud of her and her wonderful gifts!

WOW !!
by: Anonymous

What a lucky little girl to have a Mom with such talent to make a beautiful cake like this one!

Great job!
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed seeing the picture of your cake! Thanks for posting it! It is really beautiful - your hard work really shows!

Please provide instructions on how you made this
by: Angela


I LOVE this is amazing! Do you have the name of the exact Wilton book you used to make this cake so we can buy it? Also, did you follow the directions exactly or did you improvise, and how many hours did it take to make this?

Thank you!
Angela, Los Angeles

father day comments
by: Anonymous

this is a wonderful article. I like this wonderful cake. Wilton cake book is really amazing.

by: Anonymous

What a gorgeous cake! You should be very proud.

The only thing to make it better would've been to cover the bottom cardboard circle with something pretty.

so cool
by: Anonymous

i want this one for my b-day it is soooooooo cool!

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