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Coolest CARS 2 Finn McMissile Cake

by J&K

Homemade CARS 2 Finn McMissile Cake

Homemade CARS 2 Finn McMissile Cake

This CARS 2 “Finn McMissile” cake was made for our son's 5th birthday. This was our first attempt actually making fondant (using marshmallows) for a cake instead of buying ready made. It was very easy to make and the texture of the fondant made it nice to work with and it didn't dry out as easily. The key to making this cake was that we bought our son a Finn McMissile car as his gift.

We made the cake proportions equal to those of the Finn McMissile car. This helped us to carve the cake shape and to make more realistic wheels and accessories out of fondant. We used a combination of delphinium blue, royal blue and black at first to get the right color. Then we realized that we could make the same color out of just royal blue and black and it was easier to get the right shade to match the car. To put the wheels on, we needed to have the car raised. So at the last minute we covered two spice boxes with white fondant to raise the car.

We used 3 boxes of cake mix to make this cake (including the base). We modified the mix to make a firmer cake by using the oil that was called for on the box, but replacing the water with 1 cup buttermilk and using 4 eggs. We baked the cakes in three 9X13 pans. We only ate the car and ended up putting the base in the freezer. The car could have been made from 1 pan. If I were to make this again, I would only use 2 boxes of mix and have a smaller base.

Our boys loved this cake!

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Finn Mcmissle Cake
by: Debi

Hi, That sure was a great looking Finn Mcmissile birthday cake. My two grandsons ages 2 and 4 the end of February is their birthdays. I usually make the cakes for their combined birthday party. Of course, they both love Finn Mcmissle. Your birthday cake just came out so great. I was wondering if instead of fondant do you think that regular buttermilk frosting smoothed out would be just as good. Do you think it would work. I have never used the fondant. I will probably try this cake ahead of time and try it out to see if i can do it. Thank you for you any info you can give me. Debi

fondant versus butter icinig
by: laura

Hi Debi,

I agree.... this cake is fab!!

I am keen to replicate it too! I would say that you would not get the sharp detail with butter icing. I have made reasonable attempts at a fondant covered lightening McQueen and mater with ease. I'd suggest buying some ready made fondant and practice covering some basic shapes first... it really is easy and worth it. My little boys friends were amazed by this cake.... it was in no way perfect but if some ways that's the fun part! baked with love for the ones you love!!

Good luck

Great cake
by: Maria

How did you make marshmallow a fondant type consistency. I'd love to try and make it for my grandson.

by: Anonymous

Hi, we have actually made marshmallow fondant using the recipe at cakecentral and also after watching the "twisted sifter" youtube video to create marshmallow fondant. One uses shortening, one doesn't. We have one son with a nut allergy so we started using these recipes to make our fondant. - J

Fondant Question
by: - J

We have made marshmallow fondant by following two different recipes. Our first attempt was by following the twisted sifter youtube video for Marshmallow Fondant. The 2nd recipe we followed was from recipe titled "How to make and decorate with Marshmallow fondant". One recipe (youtube one)uses shortening as a measured ingredient and the other doesn't. - j

Finn Cake Pan
by: Pamela Miller

LOVE your Finn Cake! My grandson is going to be four and his name is Finn. He loves all of the cars characters but of course wants a Finn birthday cake but I can't seem to find the cake pan. Where did you find yours?

No Cake Pan
by: J&K

Hi Pamela -

We did not use a cake pan. We had bought a FINN Car as our son's gift. We opened it (carefully) and used it as a 1:1 model and carved it out of cake then covered it with fondant. Then we put the gift car back in the box!

Good luck! Thanks for the nice comment.

Fitting Wheels
by: Margaret

Thought your cake was great. I have made Lightning McQueen and used bars of sponge cake (covered in fondant icing) for axles to hold the car up off the board so I could put wheels on. Just a tip in case you need to make more cars. We have 5 grandsons, so I get asked for all sorts of birthday cakes. I too am going to attempt a Finn cake for our 5 year old grandson in the next week of so. Hope it turns out as good as yours. Happy baking!

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Coolest Cars 4th Birthday Cake 31

by Jeanette S.
(Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

Homemade Cars 4th Birthday Cake

Homemade Cars 4th Birthday Cake

My daughter is in love with Cars, the movie, and all its characters. I wanted a Cars birthday cake for her, without having to make a car. So, I decided on a race track in the shape of the number 4, since she was turning 4 years old.

I covered a cake tray with a vinyl checkered tablecloth to look like a checkered flag, then I made a basic slab cake, and cut a second one into strips to make the 4 on top. The road is chocolate cookie crumbs, and I used regular icing for the yellow lines and grass. The dotted white lines are individual sprinkles - I found out that icing doesn't stick well to cookie crumbs.

The little Cars are cake toppers, and I scanned the graphics and laminated them, along with the writing to add authenticity. One of the easiest cakes to decorate, once you get past the cookie crumbs (messy). My daughter loved it, and our family enjoyed the double layers.

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Cars Cake 39

by Jessica Albin
(Coopersville, MI)

Lighting McQueen 3D

Lighting McQueen 3D

My son loves the Cars Movie and asked for a McQueen Cars cake. I searched the flat pans and didn't like what I saw. So, I bought the Wilton's Cruiser pan, baked the cake, took my son's McQueen diecast car and set to work molding the cake with a knife into the shape of his current hero.

I filled in what details I could on the cake, using the diecast for a model and a #16 tip. I also used a premade black frosting decorator for any of the black lines needed, the tires and premade blue frosting for the eyes. Frosting was used to "glue" the spoiler on the back.

I think it turned out pretty good and my son loved it! I also used the no-taste red Wilton color for the red frosting.

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Coolest Cars Cake 44

by Kristi
(Kelso WA)

Cars Cake

Cars Cake

I just started making cakes and a friend requested the Cars cake. Well, you know us cake decorators don't back down from a challenge. This is how we learn, right!

Well, it was a big hit. The little boys even tried to play with it!

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