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The Cake That Came to Life - Casey and Cakesy

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Here's the story of Casey - a dog cake that came to life...

Our eldest daughter, Maya, is absolutely terrified of dogs. Any time there's a dog within a mile of her, you'll suddenly see her running hysterically for cover. So, my wife and I decided that the best way to help her overcome this dread of dogs is to... adopt a dog.

Friends of ours who live in an apartment building in the city were looking to give away a one-year-old Australian Shepherd to a loving family that lives in the countryside, where, Casey (the dog), would have lots of room to run around outside all day.

We immediately fell in love with Casey and took him home.

That very day, I received a cake submission that would have been, under regular circumstances, just another great cake to add to the cake gallery. But, on this particular day, this cake caused me to lose a heartbeat and run for cover!

It was an exact, to-the-whiskers depiction of Casey, submitted on the very day we came home with our new dog. It was submitted by Marlene L. from... the City of Casey on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.

Here are Casey and "Cakesy" – side by side.

Casey and Cakesy

I have no logical explanation for this bizarre occurance and I'm not trying too hard to find one so that I don't awaken any of the other cakes on the site (e.g. dinosaur cakes, ghost cakes, etc...). But, keep submitting your cakes and, who knows, maybe, somewhere, some place, they'll come to life.

As for Maya's situation, it took her a few weeks to get used to her new dog, but now she enthusiastically expresses her deepest love and affection for Casey on every possible occasion – and then runs for cover whenever Casey tries to convey his affection.

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