After browsing this web site for a castle cake, I was inspired! I started with 4 nine-inch, square cakes, 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla because my daughter couldn’t decide which flavor she wanted. I used butter cream frosting to assemble the square of the castle structure and then completely coated the outside of the cake.

Then I rolled out the pink fondant and covered the square base of the castle. I used my biscuit cutter to cut out the tower holes that amazingly matched the diameter of the inverted water glasses that I used to create the towers. I lightly coated the water glasses with butter cream frosting to help the fondant stick to them.

After coating the glasses with pink fondant, I tucked them in the corner holes and merged the fondant at the seams. On top of each of the towers I used an ice cream cone that I had cut the bottom off of. I covered each of them with the white fondant and then placed a sugar cone, inverted, on top to create the peak of the tower.

At the very top of each peak, I put half of a toothpick in a ball of pink fondant. I used the bottom of one of the ice cream cones for the well that the bird is sitting on and cut leaves out of green fondant for both the edge of the well and the window boxes.

For the “stones” that surround the castle base, door, windows and towers, I rolled a strip of fondant out to the thickness I wanted the stones, then shaped them with the but of a butter knife. The green vine was rolled out, and with a modest application of water, stuck nicely to the tower walls. The pink flowers were cut out with cutters I had bought special for working with fondant.

I used my parsley cutter to imprint the lines on the doors and windows. It was a blast to make and with enough time allowed, I will make a knight’s version for my son’s birthday, upon his insistence.