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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 353

by Kim R
(Frederick, MD)

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Here is a Princess Castle Cake I made for my daughter's 3rd birthday that had the Disney Princesses theme. I used many of the other cakes on this page as inspiration and also tried to replicate the Disney Princess decorations we were using.

For the bottom, I used 2 10inch square cake pans and used a pound cake mix. The top is 2 8inch round pans with a chocolate cake mix. The icing is the Wilton store bought kind and the Wilton pink dye. I used pink sprinkles on the top of the each cake to give it some dimension. Then added mini marshmallows to give it the stone castle look. The pink marshmallows were part of a multi pack of pastel colors.

The turrets are ice cream cones, 2 stacked together for the bottom and one on the top sprinkled with sugar crystals. I cut a little bit of the corners of the cake so the cones could slide in. For the one on top of the cake, I dug out a little hole to sit it in. Flags I just made and glued to toothpicks.

The doors and windows are graham crackers that I cute into the shapes, iced and sprinkled with the purple crystals. Then I took a toothpick to draw the lines of the window panes.

For the base i used wax paper and green cellophane and then used green icing as a border around the cake. Path is graham cracker crumbs. The grass is dyed green coconut. I used a little bit of white icing spread on the base and then stuck the coconut down on it.

And for the final touch, I added the Disney Princesses.

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Princess Cakes
by: Earlisha

I'm having a baby shower June 12th and the theme is princess. I love this cake if you can make me one like this for my baby shower I would appreciate it. Of course I would pay. You can contact me

by: Anonymous

Hi I have been trying to thing how to make her a cake much like this one with out spending an arm and a leg LOL. I also was try'n to think up how how make the pillars... you are so dang smart to think about the diff. ice cream cones.... I never would have thought about that! Thanks for sharing you did a great job!!! Hope she LOVED it!

Beautiful! Quick Question?
by: Tarey

I absolutely love this castle cake! How did you ice the ice cream cones on the bottom? Did you use candy melts? I see you rolled the top ones in sprinkles.

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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 403

by Kelly Clark
(Middletown, DE.)

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

My daughter was having a princess party for her third birthday so I purchased a castle kit from Michaels craft store. I also purchased bright pink and light pink crystallized sugar, meringue powder for the frosting that was used to make the flowers (the powder includes recipes for frosting), wooden dowel sticks and candy melts to connect to the towers (then inserting them into the cake), the silver cardboard cake plates, and 6&10 inch cake pans from Michaels.

Other items you would need to make a cake like this would be frosting bags, different frosting tips, and gel food coloring.

For this homemade Princess castle cake I used two boxes of Betty Crocker golden vanilla. I also purchased a pound of whipped frosting from the bakery section of my local grocery store. The combination of the two makes a delicious cake! Buying the frosting makes it a lot easier! This kind is also not sickeningly sweet!

The cake kit includes instructions on how to prepare the cake, making different frosting, how to store everything, putting the cake together, the different cakes you could make with the kit, and the different tips that you would need for those specific ones. The kit is nice because if you have a boy too you could always do the medieval cake or the candy castle. I enjoyed making the cake but it was hard work!

For my first cake I thought I did a pretty good job:) My daughter loved it and everyone said it tasted better than the ones you could buy at the store (which costs a fortune)!

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Love it!
by: Anonymous

I love this princess cake it is so pretty!

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