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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 306

by Angela S.
(Baltimore, MD)

Homemade  Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

This Princess Castle Cake required 9 boxes of cake mix and 3 days to complete. It is the biggest and best cake I have done to date. I do suggest not doing this cake if it is going to be in the heat as my moat ended up being a river.

Overall it was a great cake and everyone around liked it and told me I outdid myself. The towers were made from ice cream cones. The magic carpet was made from rolled fondant. The carriage was made from chocolate.

Everything on the cake was edible except the characters. We raided the child's toy box to get them. I got most of the ideas from this website and put my own creativity to it. I do suggest that if you are going to do this cake you use dowel rods in the middle to stabilize it or it might just fall on you.

What you can't see in this picture is Cinderella in the carriage. The bushes are made out of miniature cupcakes and the leaves are just piped with a writing tip. You also need lots of icing. I bought 2 4.5 lbs tubs of decorator icing and used all but 1/2 the second tub. The reins for the unicorns were made from Twizzlers pull and peel, the moat was made from 6 packs of blue jello made with the Jigglers recipe and subtracted 1/2 cup of water. The fish in the moat were Swedish fish candy.

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by: Dee

That is a huge cake and lots of little wonder everyone liked's fantastic.

you are amazing
by: Kiwi mum

that is an incredible cake well done I am so impressed

by: kiwi mum of 4

That's a whole kingdom!! Me and my boys are very impressed!

wow... wow.... wow......I like your idea.
by: Mum of three girls from Fiji...

It's about the coolest cake ever.......idea of using cones and cool setting, my girls and I are impressed.....


Can you add close up pictures or different views?

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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 336

by Heather
(Morristown TN)

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

I used the Wilton "Romantic Castle Cake" set and followed their directions. It included a 10 inch 2-layer cake topped with a 6 inch 2-layer cake (on a cake board).

I iced the Princess Castle Cake all in white buttercream and added almost 300 fondant flowers. I placed the entire cake on a large board covered with cake foil and added the plastic Disney Princess figurines. Cinderella even had her horse and carriage on the side.

The fondant flowers should be made several days or weeks ahead of time and stored in an airtight container.

You should also do the castle pieces ahead of time. They store well and should not be covered so they will harden before placing them on the cake. The instructions in the set tell you to ice the pointed pieces for the tops with buttercream and add the cake sparkles. The windows have fondant flowers and leaves along the bottom. Doing this ahead of time will allow them to harden and stay in place.

The cake took several hours to complete. You should do everything you can ahead of time but you will have to wait until that day to fully assemble the cake and add all of the decorations. The leaves around the flowers were especially time consuming.

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by: Amber

Wow this is the coolest cake ever! Looks like alot of hard work.

by: Nicole

This cake is so beautiful.

Beautiful Castle Cake
by: Kris from Rockton, IL

Cake is beautiful. I am doing it in pink too for my granddaughter's 1st birthday. What did you use to make the green leaves under the flowers and is there a cutout for the flowers. How many people does this cake feed? I hope mine turns out as good as yours did!

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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 299

by Aspen G
(Ogden, UT USA)

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

My daughter was turning four and desperately wanted a princess castle cake; she had been talking about it for months. So, I went to the store and bought my first box of fondant.

Using round cake pans, I baked the cake, layered it with frosting once cooled of course, and then laid out the fondant. After trimming the access fondant off of the cake, I rolled large pieces of fondant together so that they could be used as pillars.

The roofs on these pillars are simply ice cream cones, cut into points at the bottom then placed upside down on top of the pillars. To get their sparkling texture I spread frosting on them and then rolled them in a bowl of colored sugar sprinkles. I used a green frosting tube with a leaf attachment to create the greenery and made several flowers out of fondant.

The doors are also made from fondant, I just shaped it and made creases with a butter knife. To finish off the cake I added a little Cinderella figurine to match the princess theme of her party. My daughter absolutely loved it and still talks about the cake almost a year later. Thanks for taking interest in my cake!

Comments for Coolest Princess Castle Cake 299

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by: Auntie Marilyn

Dear Aspen,
The Princess cake is so clever. You are so creative.

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