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Coolest Sandcastle Cake 18

by Christy
(Adair OK)

Coolest Sandcastle Cake

Coolest Sandcastle Cake

I pulled my ideas for this Sandcastle Cake from other cakes from this site.

I baked a 9X13 chocolate cake. Thought if there were crumbs, would be dirt! I also baked a loaf pan with about half of a second chocolate cake mix (made cupcakes to freeze with other half). Let the cakes cool.

I frosted the 9X13 with homemade chocolate butter-cream frosting. I thought chocolate would again help with the dirt effect. I cut off 1/3 of the loaf cake and let the kids eat that; I placed the 2/3 portion in the middle of the frosted 9X13. I did insert some dowel rods to help stabilize. I then frosted the loaf cake portion.

The night before, I ground 1 box of vanilla wafers for the sand. I thought by letting them dry out a little would add to the texture. I then covered the frosted cakes with the “sand.” The vanilla wafers worked just like sand. It could be molded and even cracked like a real sandcastle.

While the frosted and sanded cakes were in the fridge, I covered the ice cream cones with some thinned down white butter-cream (added some Caro syrup). Covered with sprinkles; I wanted some color on the cake. Could easily use colored sugar and make a theme. I placed cones in the fridge to set-up.

When closer to party, I placed the cones on the cake. I edged the cake with some teal colored butter-cream flowers and topped the cones. My goal was to place candles on 4 of the cones, but was an outside party, so didn’t do that. This cake did have to travel for 1 hour and did remarkably well. It was a big hit at the water park and with my 4 year old daughter!

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Coolest Simple Castle Cake 405

by Hafsa K.
(San Fernando, Trinidad)

Homeade Simple Castle Cake

Homeade Simple Castle Cake

This cake is a modified version of those described in this site. It was created for my 3 year old who loves castles. We were not having a party and it was just going to be the immediate family and pictures!! My younger daughter's birthday was a few days earlier and we still had cake leftover from that! (It was a Carousel cake adapted from this site also)

My objective was to mark the occasion without having too much cake left over...again.

Building on the ideas I found here I built it as follows:

I used a 9X13 inch cake pan and cut the cake into three tiers. I used frosting between each tier, and kept all 3 layers in place with two wooden skewers. The pillars are flat based ice cream cones stuck together with melted marshmallows. I used warmed apricot jam to stick the pink sugar crystals to the cone heads.

The chocolate cake was refrigerated for 30mins before I frosted it (buttercream) so there were less crumbs.

I frosted the tiered cake then the cone pillars. I used a spoon to cut the rounded shape off the corners of the tiered cake and then slid the pillars in. Next I mounted the sugar cones and then the gumball flags. The flags were made of paper and held in place to the toothpick with frosting. I stuck these into white gumballs in which I premade holes so that they could sit atop the cones easily.

I decided to use marshmallows to line the edges to stick with the pink theme and used wafers for windows and doors and put them on last to stay fresh.

My daughter simply loved it! I hope you do too.

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by: Fran

Wow! Nicely done! I like your concept of less cake, more impact! Great Job

castle cake
by: Dana Adams

Awesome! So easy yet looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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